Here’s how to CUT OUT harmful sweets and sugars now that the holidays are over

We get it: Those holiday sweets and treats are often very difficult to pass up, which is why we tend to pack on the pounds during the final month of the year. But you know what you have to do now, right?

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 10 Foods That Ward Off the Flu!

It’s only January, but many of us have already suffered our share of sneezes, nasal congestion, and influenza this winter. If you’re prone to catching the flu or have a cough or runny nose that you just can’t seem to shake, here are ten foods that are reputed to ward off the flu this winter.

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 Black Bean Brownies Recipe

Let’s you have the dessert without the guilt! These black bean brownies are packed full of fiberprotein, iron and magnesium. Try this healthy dessert!

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Improved Health and Wellness

Ear Infections, Digestion, Back and Postural Issues, Weak Muscles

Duncan first came to our office after we were seeing his wife for depression which was helped through corrective care and his 3 girls for various health concerns.  Initial complaints were, Ear Infections that came on regularly and easily, Indigestion, and moderate to severe back pain due to poor posture and weak muscles.  He was seeing a general practitioner for the ear infections and was always being prescribed anitibiotics. 

He felt confident that chiropractic would help him and after a year of corrective care in our office, we are excited to say, he was able to have overall improved health and wellness along with improved posture, a stronger back, improved digestion, and a huge reduction in ear infections!  He states, “Ear infections are almost completely gone”!  

Duncan’s impression of our office is “very friendly – easy to talk to – nice office”, and he would recommend chiropractic to others. 


Road to a Better You!

Tired of sore and achy muscles?  Do you find yourself running to the nearest coffee shop just to get through your day? Does the stress of kids, work, and/or school bring you down? 

Regular massage has many known benefits.  It is known to help detoxify, increase flexibility/joint mobility, decrease muscle tension and stress, enhance relaxation, promote well-being and awareness, increase blood and lymph circulation, support the immune system, and improve the elasticity of the skin.  It has also been proven to decrease labor and delivery time, improve outcome of labor, ease labor pain, and much more.  

Whether you want relaxation, deep tissue, or something in between I have something for you.  I am trained in varying styles and techniques which include but are not limited to: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Body Insight Method (a type of neuromuscular therapy), pre-natal massage, and reflexology.   It is my goal to continue to my education to provide you with the best massage care possible.  Each and every massage is always tailored to your specific needs.  I look forward to serving you on your road to a better you!

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