1. Chiropractic: Myths and Misconceptions Part II

    Chiropractic: Myths and Misconceptions Part II It’s a long wait from the time that gifts start appearing under the tree to the time you can finally open them. Sometimes it seems like December can stretch on and on, but the Christmas season is a good illustration of a timeless truth: the best thin…Read More

  2. Chiropractic: Myths and Misconceptions Part I

    You know that feeling when you thought you knew exactly what you were getting for Christmas, and then you open the gift and it’s nothing like what you expected? Sometimes it can be disappointing, but more often than not, the real treasure inside is so much better than what you imagined. Many of ou…Read More

  3. The Importance Of Stretching

    Regular visits to the chiropractor help keep your spine healthy and aligned, but stretching in between sessions is a way of ensuring that your back pain doesn’t return or get worse. Back pain is often caused by tight muscles that pull the spine out of alignment. Stretching regularly is a vital par…Read More

  4. Depression & Chiropractic

    For those struggling with depression during this season of Thankfulness, Chiropractic might have the answer. We live in one of the prosperous nations on earth. This thanksgiving, there are a million things we can find to be thankful for; Heat, running water, electricity, food, family, friends, and a…Read More

  5. doctor holding a model of a spine

    How The Nervous System Works

      Here at Revelations Chiropractic in Fort Collins, we love to talk and learn about the intricacies of the nervous system — it’s one of the reasons we became chiropractors! And we also enjoy sharing our expertise with clients, both in the office and here on our blog. Today’s post is devoted t…Read More

  6. Opioids Vs Chiropractic:

    For those living with pain, there is a better solution than drugs. The road stretched forward, wreathed in obscuring mist through the shadows. Leaves jeweled with dew glinted in the autumn dawn that struck golden shafts through the tunneled veil. For many, the path life has set before them is veiled…Read More

  7. Who’s got your back?: The Benefits of the Torque Release Technique

    What do you envision when you think about a visit to the chiropractor? Maybe some anxiety-inducing twisting? Some loud popping from scary and uncomfortable positions? Does getting an adjustment sound more nerve-wracking than healing and relaxing? Well, we’ve got some good news for you! If you’ve…Read More