We will be closed this next week from Friday 3/27/20 through Sunday 4/5/20.

For more information, please watch this short video:

In an effort to keep our patients and staff safe and to comply with state and federal recommendations to prohibit the spread of COVID-19, we are wiping down/cleaning/sanitizing tables, chairs, counters, and other office surfaces, as well as washing/sanitizing hands and keeping some distance between patients and staff members. If you are not comfortable with laying on the adjusting table, Dr. Chad can adjust you while sitting up. We also ask that if you are Immune-compromised or if you are experiencing symptoms of a cough, shortness of breath, or fever, please stay home and rest. If you are at all concerned about coming in for an appointment at Revelation Chiropractic, or have questions, please feel free to call, email, or text our office and we would be happy to help answer your questions. Call us at: (970) 372-4241 or email: drchad.revchiro@gmail.com.

Through April 30th, we will be temporarily closing on Tuesdays. Our temporary days and hours through April 30th will be:

7:30AM – 11:15AM & 2:30PM – 5:45PM
7:30AM – 11:15AM & 2:30PM – 5:45PM
2:15pm – 5:45pm
8:00am – 9:45am