1. 3 Tips to Stay Healthy in the Summer Heat

    Winter isn’t coming anymore. Summer is here. And for many of us, that means lots of time spent outdoors. Whether you’re spending the day planting some romanesco broccoli, churning your compost piles, or kayaking Horsetooth reservoir, you’re going to be spending plenty of time bending and twist…Read More

  2. Above, Down, Inside and Out: How Spinal Alignment Affects Your Health, Part II

    Part 2: Thoracic Health Many people believe that chiropractic is only for back pain. But did you know that keeping your spine properly aligned can help with many other health issues? The nerves that travel through the thoracic (upper-mid back) section of your spine control many of your vital organs,…Read More

  3. Above, Down, Inside & Out: How Spinal Alignments Affects Your Health, Part I

    Part 1: Cervical Health Neck pain is just neck pain, right? Wrong! The cervical region of your spine is the most important area in your body in terms of nervous system and overall health, and keeping it properly aligned can help with a lot more health problems than you would first expect. This sprin…Read More

  4. Father and son walking on a grassy field holding hands looking at each other laughing cheerful

    Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad For You?

    Many people enjoy cracking their knuckles. Some crack their knuckles out of nervousness before public speaking, or as a superstitious tradition during a sporting event. Students have told us that they crack their knuckles before diving into a tough problem on a test and worry that others in the room…Read More

  5. image of a chiropractor examining a woman's back

    How Often Should You Get A Chiropractic Adjustment?

    People come in to see our Fort Collins chiropractors for many different reasons. Some use our services for back pain, others for rehabilitation after an accident, and others for preventative care. Still more come for help managing serious conditions, such as scoliosis.  Just like different chiropra…Read More

  6. Treating Back Pain Naturally: Why Chiropractic Care Is Different

    If you live with chronic back pain, it can feel like you’ve tried every remedy under the sun. Whether the cause was an injury during a car wreck or back problems that developed from years of poor posture — or anything in between — you likely want relief. And we’re talking true relief, not ju…Read More

  7. What Can A Chiropractor Treat?

    When you go to a podiatrist, you know you’ll be seen by someone who specializes in feet. When your child needs medical care, you’ll want someone who has a lot of training in pediatrics. Many doctors have a specialization, which helps patients know what they can do. But do you know what a chiropr…Read More

  8. Avoiding Injuries While Working in the Yard This Summer

    Summer is just around the corner, and while it hasn’t officially made its arrival, the weather is screaming that it’s time to start working on the yard. Each year it seems as though the list of tasks to get done in the yard has only gotten longer. If you’re getting ready to start building the …Read More