After seeing Dr. Chad, here in the office for regular adjustments, Charlie decided to also incorporate massage and see Chelsea for his deep tissue issues and joint pain from the many years of abuse on his body through football, hockey, baseball, moto cross riding, a botched surgery, and a lifetime spent with horses.
Before seeing Chelsea, Charlie saw a variety of Dr.’s with varying results. After he started getting regular massage he was able to eliminate and reduce many different drugs and find pain relief. Charlie stated, “At 70 years old, regular massage keeps me loose and going!”
He stated, “Revelation’s Staff is the best! From Stephanie (most accommodating), and Dr. Chad and Chelsea. I have had many massages before… Chelsea went right to the issue! She knows her stuff!”

Charlie says he would recommend the benefits of massage to everyone who is sick, hurting, and in pain. He stated, “Chelsea has special healing talents. …Best time and money spent this past year!”
“If you don’t use Chelsea’s talents, you are missing on a person’s God given