Danelle first came into our office because she found out that she had scoliosis while she participated in in gymnastics.   Danelle has a 38 Degree Curve in the lower lumbar region of her back, which was causing severe nerve inflammation and muscle spasms, resulting in reproductive issues, back pain, and stress/anxiety.

Once Danelle started going through puberty, things weren’t ‘normal’. “I would have periods every other month because the left side of my reproductive system was not ovulating or sending hormones to start the cycle.” Once Danelle started following Dr. Chad’s recommendations for her, she was happy to report: “I started to feel the left side cramp and I was having signs of a regular period. It was such a good sign to feel my body starting to align itself!” Danelle also told us:  “I don’t take Ibuprofen nearly as often for headaches and back pain since staring Chiropractic Care.”

“I would recommend doing what Dr. Chad recommends as the treatment proceeds, and he is such a good doctor to have!”