Ear Infections, Digestion, Back and Postural Issues, Weak Muscles

Duncan first came to our office after we were seeing his wife for depression which was helped through corrective care and his 3 girls for various health concerns.  Initial complaints were, Ear Infections that came on regularly and easily, Indigestion, and moderate to severe back pain due to poor posture and weak muscles.  He was seeing a general practitioner for the ear infections and was always being prescribed anitibiotics.  

He felt confident that chiropractic would help him and after a year of corrective care in our office, we are excited to say, he was able to have overall improved health and wellness along with improved posture, a stronger back, improved digestion, and a huge reduction in ear infections!  He states, “Ear infections are almost completely gone”!

Duncan’s impression of our office is “very friendly – easy to talk to – nice office”, and he would recommend chiropractic to others.