“At first I was not a big fan of Chiropractic, but now you can’t get rid of me!”

Ken first came into our office for low back pain that was “hindering his daily abilities, and would not go away for almost a month.” Ken had been to other Chiropractors before, like Chiro-Now, that were not able to give him any relief! Before coming into our office, Ken was taking a lot of ibuprofen, could not make any sudden movements, had to be careful, and was on the verge of excruciating. “Dr. Chad was able to reduce the pain after a few treatments in the same week, and I’m back to feeling normal.”


Ken told us, “The way that everything was discussed and explained to me was very impressive and informative. The people and atmosphere is amazing, and I would spend my day here just for that!” Ken now recommends Chiropractic to others, and mainly tells them to “come here!”