A lot of the time most people don’t realize that Chiropractic Care can help with conditions such as OCD. Here is an amazing story about how Chiropractic Care helped someone struggling with OCD overcome their “triggers”.


When this patient first started coming into our office she was suffering from ‘Fear of Contamination’. “In Public, I was always on high alert. I was afraid of anything ‘gross’ touching me, such as, grease, bodily fluids, dirty/unclean looking people. If I came in contact with any of these things, I would have an anxiety attack and clean everything I felt was contaminated at least 3 times, or until I felt it was clean.” It got to the point where it “highly impacted my life”.


“At one point, it would take me a whole day to do laundry (one load) because I didn’t feel it was clean enough to put in my closet.” She tried going to a psychologist who specialized in OCD, and her doctor prescribed her 200 MG/Day of Zoloft. She saw zero results and stopped seeing the psychologist and taking the Zoloft.


After learning more about the nervous system she had very high hopes that Chiropractic Care could help her, and by her first evaluation she noticed an improvement in her OCD and Anxiety. “I am living a much more ‘normal’ life. Some of my old fears, like grease, have completely gone away.”


“I felt the doctor was very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people live better lives. Everyone in the office was so friendly and caring. They knew all their patients by name, and it was so easy to trust them.”

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