Tad first came into our office for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: stress, numb arms, low back pain, and foot issues.  Before coming into see Chelsea, Tad was seeing Dr. Chad for regular adjustments.  Since incorporating regular massage with his adjustments, Tad stated, “through combined chiro and massage I feel much better.”

Years ago, Tad had some doubts on how massage and chiropractic could help him but over the years he has continued to experience the many amazing benefits of massage and chiropractic. Through regular massage and adjustments, Tad has continued to see a lot of pain and stress relief.

Tad’s first impressions of the office, and staff was the office, “was the office was very comfortable and everyone was super knowledgeable.”  He has learned the importance of regular massage and chiropractic and continues to see amazing results and always leaves the office in a better place!  His father has also been seeing a massage therapist for relief from rheumatoid arthritis with great results.


Tad stated, “Chelsea listens to my needs every time and adjusts my massage accordingly.  I recommend regular massage and chiropractic to everyone every chance I get!”