Marcus started coming to our office for back pain, sleep issues, and chronic coughing, during which time we were also seeing his mom in our office for neck and shoulder pain, and chronic sinus trouble.  He was having a hard time sitting at the desk during school and was having to take Ibuprofen to help him with the pain.  Marcus was nervous at first to begin care and was not sure that chiropractic would work for him.  He found that our office was “very friendly and fun”, and he “connected to Dr. Chad very well.”


He was coming once a week in the beginning of his corrective care and the biggest change that he noticed was that it was helping him sleep better.  During treatment, his coughing stopped and he is not in discomfort at school anymore.  His mom states that, “my attitude is better because I feel so much better!”  She also has told us that she is helped with menstrual discomfort.