1. Improved Neck and Back Pain From Old Injury!

    Vanessa first came into our office because she was suffering from severe neck and back pain for years from an old injury where she fell on black ice. Before coming into our office, Vanessa tried going to another Chiropractor, but it was not cost effective for her, and she was still suffering from muscle tightness. Since Vanessa has come into our office and completed Corrective Care, she has been f…Read More

  2. Improved Low Back Pain and Numbness!

    “You’ll feel better than you ever thought was possible!” When Stephen first came into our office he was suffering from low back pain, occasional shoulder pain, and arm numbness. His low back pain was fairly consistent with fluctuating intensity. “I started 6-7 months ago with consistent care, and pain is drastically reduced in intensity and frequency!” “The office is very thorough, and…Read More

  3. Improved Kickboxing Inquiry

    Megan first came into our office suffering from chronic pain in her neck and shoulder. “It hurt me every day, and when I went to other doctors and physical therapists I saw very little results.” After Megan started coming into our office regularly, her shoulder injury has no pain and “my posture is more straight and walking and sitting is more comfortable.” “Revelation Chiropractic has e…Read More

  4. Improved High Blood Pressure

    Revelation Chiropractic… “Love it, love it, love it!” Suzi first came into our office for High Blood Pressure, and she had no symptoms leading up to it. “My blood pressure was so high that I was surprised that I hadn’t exploded!” She was going to a General Practitioner for her High Blood Pressure who just prescribed more medication. Since coming into our office, she has been able to st…Read More

  5. Improved Siatica and Insomnia

    Rebecca first came into our office with confirmed siatica that was causing agonizing pain every day. Her pain was so bad that she was not able to sleep or walk for long periods of time. During the beginning of her care at our office, she started seeing a physical therapist, and some appointments made the pain worse. Rebecca has followed the care recommendations Dr. Chad has given her, and she is n…Read More

  6. Top Chiropractor in Fort Collins

    Thank You Fort Collins! You picked us as the top chiropractor in Fort Collins! We are proud to be a part of the community and look forward to continuing to bring you Principled Chiropractic throughout the years to come. Helping Northern Colorado families reach & maintain optimal health, allowing your body to function at it’s full potential! Congratulations to Revelation Chiropractic on being…Read More

    Revelation Chiropractic Staff
  7. Was told he couldn’t play rugby anymore!

    AFTER 23 YEARS NOCO FLAMINGOS RUGBY PLAYER WAS DONE PLAYING WITHOUT DR. CHAD AND REVELATION CHIROPRACTIC! Eric went through “all possible avenues for treatment” for his numbness in right hand, pain into both shoulders, back, hip, leg, and neck pain! He had suffered constant severe pain for years from rugby injuries. After 23 years of playing rugby, Doctors told him “there was nothing they co…Read More

    Revelation Chiropractic Staff
  8. Fibromyalgia, migraines, sciatica, and severe fatigue

    Fibromyalgia, migraines, sciatica, and severe fatigue! Linsey came into our office with severe Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Sciatica, and Chronic Fatigue. She had been treated by internal medicine, neurologists, physical therapists, and rheumatologists but nothing seemed to help. The Midrine, Excedrin Migraine, and Vicodin were only provided temporary relief and were not correcting the problem! Within…Read More

    Revelation Chiropractic Staff
  9. I Highly Recommend Chiropractic Care!

    Healed from my Autoimmune Disease! Steve suffered from a chronic peripheral neuropathy which damaged the nerves in his arms and legs. “I would get intense leg pain and had weakness in my muscles. Physical therapy was helpful in retaining my muscles, but high activity induced severe pain. Pain medications, visits with neurologists, and other drug therapies did not work. I am a proponent of physic…Read More

    Revelation Chiropractic Staff
  10. Chiropractic corrects the cause of health problems.

    High blood pressure, insomnia, and indigestion health and healing! Mr Harris was referred into Revelation Chiropractic by his sister for High blood pressure, indigestion, stomach pain, neck pain, low back pain, insomnia, and nausea going on for over three years. A team of specialists could not diagnose what was causing his digestive system issues and was placed on Promethazine, Nexium, Pantoprazol…Read More

    Revelation Chiropractic Staff