When you come to Revelation Chiropractic for your first visit, we will perform a thorough Chiropractic Assessment. The chiropractic assessment gives us a baseline to judge your progress as we provide your chiropractic treatment. From time to time throughout your treatment, we will run the Chiropractic Assessments to gauge your progress. We typically perform one or more of these tests:

-Surface EMG tests muscle function

The first test that Dr. McMahan will use to assess body function is the SEMG (Surface EMG) which measures muscle imbalances surrounding the spine. The spine depends on the surrounding muscles to move properly. If the muscles are asymmetrical it can cause the vertebrae in the spine to move out of position. This can affect nerve function on either side of the spine, creating a surge of nerve signals to the opposite side the muscle is pulling as well as a lowering of nerve function in the affected side.

-Thermal Scan tests nerve function

The second test that Dr. McMahan will use to assess body function is the Thermal Scan. This scan shows temperature differences on either side of the spinal column which indicates nerve disturbances occurring on either side. These disturbances cause blood vessels to react creating an increase in thermal activity on the affected side, causing neck pain, lower back pain, and a host of other painful conditions. The thermal scan is a test of the functions of the nervous system rather than the muscular system, which is tested in the SEMG.

– Specific Chiropractic Postural X-rays

Dr. McMahan will advise you if additional tests are needed including any Chiropractic Postural Specific X-rays. These x-rays show how the body reacts to gravity as well as any areas in the spine that may need adjustments. Through the Specific Chiropractic Care, you will receive from Dr. McMahan, posture issues can be resolved to realign the spine giving it balance and proper curvature.