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Every month we have an office challenge for our patients. Everyone who completes our challenge each month will be entered into our prize drawing to win awesome gift baskets! Participate in our monthly challenge today!

Our Monthly Challenge

Stay tuned! We love doing fun events with our patients and the residents of Fort Collins Colorado! From parties in the office to special dinners, to presentations at companies whose employees are interested in chiropractic, this is the page to know what fun event going on with us and how to be a part of it!

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Dr. Chad loves talking about Chiropractic and how it relates to health and wellbeing! Have questions about Chiropractic? Want to know more about subluxations, scoliosis, or the body’s nervous system? What about general health tips, or how knee pain, numbness in your arms, or migraines can be related to the spine?
Contact us with your questions! Dr. Chad would love to do a short video answering them!
One of our goals at Revelation Chiropractic is to help our patients better understand how their bodies function so they can live their best from above, down, inside, and out.

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For more information on random tips related to chiropractic care, read our blog articles!

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