Patient Stories

“Massage and Chiro: A Perfect Duo”

Tad first came into our office for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: stress, numb arms, low back pain, and foot issues. Before coming into see Chelsea, Tad was seeing Dr. Chad for regular adjustments. Since incorporating regular massage with his adjustments, Tad stated, “through combined chiro and massage I feel much better.”

Years ago, Tad had some doubts on how massage and chiropractic could help him but over the years he has continued to experience the many amazing benefits of massage and chiropractic. Through regular massage and adjustments, Tad has continued to see a lot of pain and stress relief.

Tad’s first impressions of the office, and staff was the office, “was the office was very comfortable and everyone was super knowledgeable.” He has learned the importance of regular massage and chiropractic and continues to see amazing results and always leaves the office in a better place! His father has also been seeing a massage therapist for relief from rheumatoid arthritis with great results.

Tad stated, “Chelsea listens to my needs every time and adjusts my massage accordingly. I recommend regular massage and chiropractic to everyone every chance I get!”

– Tad

“70 Years and Going Strong!”

After seeing Dr. Chad, here in the office for regular adjustments, Charlie decided to also incorporate massage and see Chelsea for his deep tissue issues and joint pain from the many years of abuse on his body through football, hockey, baseball, moto cross riding, a botched surgery, and a lifetime spent with horses.
Before seeing Chelsea, Charlie saw a variety of Dr.’s with varying results. After he started getting regular massage he was able to eliminate and reduce many different drugs and find pain relief. Charlie stated, “At 70 years old, regular massage keeps me loose and going!”
He stated, “Revelation’s Staff is the best! From Stephanie (most accommodating), and Dr. Chad and Chelsea. I have had many massages before… Chelsea went right to the issue! She knows her stuff!”

Charlie says he would recommend the benefits of massage to everyone who is sick, hurting, and in pain. He stated, “Chelsea has special healing talents. …Best time and money spent this past year!”
“If you don’t use Chelsea’s talents, you are missing on a person’s God given Talent!”

– Charlie

“Improved Mobility and Low Back Pain!”

Josh initially started coming into our office for low back pain and stiffness that he was suffering with for years. He was in two car accidents in the past, resulting in lower back lash.

Since coming into our office, Josh is having better mobility, and has also received the in depth explanations how the body heals itself.

– Josh

“Improved Gymnast’s Severe Scoliosis”

Danelle first came into our office because she found out that she had scoliosis while she participated in in gymnastics. Danelle has a 38 Degree Curve in the lower lumbar region of her back, which was causing severe nerve inflammation and muscle spasms, resulting in reproductive issues, back pain, and stress/anxiety.

Once Danelle started going through puberty, things weren’t ‘normal’. “I would have periods every other month because the left side of my reproductive system was not ovulating or sending hormones to start the cycle.” Once Danelle started following Dr. Chad’s recommendations for her, she was happy to report: “I started to feel the left side cramp and I was having signs of a regular period. It was such a good sign to feel my body starting to align itself!” Danelle also told us: “I don’t take Ibuprofen nearly as often for headaches and back pain since staring Chiropractic Care.”

“I would recommend doing what Dr. Chad recommends as the treatment proceeds, and he is such a good doctor to have!”

– Danelle

“Improved Insomnia For A Highschool Swimmer!”

Kira is a High School Student who is on the Swim Team for her school, and when Kira first came into our office her initial complaints were: shoulder pain, insomnia, feelings of depression, and anxiety. She told us “I wasn’t able to sleep for days at a time. I was always tired, and it put me in a bad mood most of the time.”

Before Kira started Chiropractic here in our office, she was seeing a therapist regularly, and taking sleep medication at night. Shortly after she started coming into our office and following her Care Plan she was happy to report, “It didn’t take long for me to start noticing that I was getting more sleep, and less feelings of anxiety.”

When Kira was asked about our office she said, “All the staff are kind and seem to love their jobs. It’s a great place to come to!”

– Kira

“Improved Low Back Pain!”

“At first I was not a big fan of Chiropractic, but now you can’t get rid of me!”

Ken first came into our office for low back pain that was “hindering his daily abilities, and would not go away for almost a month.” Ken had been to other Chiropractors before, like Chiro-Now, that were not able to give him any relief! Before coming into our office, Ken was taking a lot of ibuprofen, could not make any sudden movements, had to be careful, and was on the verge of excruciating. “Dr. Chad was able to reduce the pain after a few treatments in the same week, and I’m back to feeling normal.”

Ken told us, “The way that everything was discussed and explained to me was very impressive and informative. The people and atmosphere is amazing, and I would spend my day here just for that!” Ken now recommends Chiropractic to others, and mainly tells them to “come here!”

– Ken

“Improved Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)”

A lot of the time most people don’t realize that Chiropractic Care can help with conditions such as OCD. Here is an amazing story about how Chiropractic Care helped someone struggling with OCD overcome their “triggers”.

When this patient first started coming into our office she was suffering from ‘Fear of Contamination’. “In Public, I was always on high alert. I was afraid of anything ‘gross’ touching me, such as, grease, bodily fluids, dirty/unclean looking people. If I came in contact with any of these things, I would have an anxiety attack and clean everything I felt was contaminated at least 3 times, or until I felt it was clean.” It got to the point where it “highly impacted my life”.

“At one point, it would take me a whole day to do laundry (one load) because I didn’t feel it was clean enough to put in my closet.” She tried going to a psychologist who specialized in OCD, and her doctor prescribed her 200 MG/Day of Zoloft. She saw zero results and stopped seeing the psychologist and taking the Zoloft.

After learning more about the nervous system she had very high hopes that Chiropractic Care could help her, and by her first evaluation she noticed an improvement in her OCD and Anxiety. “I am living a much more ‘normal’ life. Some of my old fears, like grease, have completely gone away.”

“I felt the doctor was very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people live better lives. Everyone in the office was so friendly and caring. They knew all their patients by name, and it was so easy to trust them.”

– current patient

“Relief from Back Problems, Trouble Sleeping and Chronic Coughing”

Marcus started coming to our office for back pain, sleep issues, and chronic coughing, during which time we were also seeing his mom in our office for neck and shoulder pain, and chronic sinus trouble. He was having a hard time sitting at the desk during school and was having to take Ibuprofen to help him with the pain. Marcus was nervous at first to begin care and was not sure that chiropractic would work for him. He found that our office was “very friendly and fun”, and he “connected to Dr. Chad very well.”

He was coming once a week in the beginning of his corrective care and the biggest change that he noticed was that it was helping him sleep better. During treatment, his coughing stopped and he is not in discomfort at school anymore. His mom states that, “my attitude is better because I feel so much better!” She also has told us that she is helped with menstrual discomfort.

– Marcus

“Improved Health and Wellness”

Ear Infections, Digestion, Back and Postural Issues, Weak Muscles

Duncan first came to our office after we were seeing his wife for depression which was helped through corrective care and his 3 girls for various health concerns. Initial complaints were, Ear Infections that came on regularly and easily, Indigestion, and moderate to severe back pain due to poor posture and weak muscles. He was seeing a general practitioner for the ear infections and was always being prescribed antibiotics.

He felt confident that chiropractic would help him and after a year of corrective care in our office, we are excited to say, he was able to have overall improved health and wellness along with improved posture, a stronger back, improved digestion, and a huge reduction in ear infections! He states, “Ear infections are almost completely gone”!

Duncan’s impression of our office is “very friendly – easy to talk to – nice office”, and he would recommend chiropractic to others.

– Duncan

“Chiropractic… For more than Just Neck and Back Pain”

Madison first came into our office for Tourettes Syndrome and Ticks. She dealt with severe symptoms for over a year before she came into our office.

Before chiropractic care, Madison was seeing a neurologist who diagnosed her with tourettes and recommended she take Magnesium. She states, “the magnesium helped a little but not much.”

Before coming into the office, she had some doubts, “I thought how is this going to help me but then I tried it and it was great! Dr. Chad is a really nice guy.”

Her mom has also been a patient of Dr Chad’s and has seen great improvement from numbing in her left hand and arm.

“Chiropractic helped me a lot, thanks to Dr. Chad.”

She highly recommends chiropractic to those who are sick, suffering, and in pain.

– Madison

“Improved Neck and Back Pain From Old Injury!”

Vanessa first came into our office because she was suffering from severe neck and back pain for years from an old injury where she fell on black ice. Before coming into our office, Vanessa tried going to another Chiropractor, but it was not cost effective for her, and she was still suffering from muscle tightness.

Since Vanessa has come into our office and completed Corrective Care, she has been feeling more relaxed and not much muscle tightness! “My schedule works great, and I go to work right afterward and I feel so relaxed!”

“The office staff is friendly, concerned about patients, and are always giving tips and advice! It’s a great experience – Plus we have the same belief – Faith.”

– Vanessa

“Improved Low Back Pain and Numbness!”

“You’ll feel better than you ever thought was possible!”

When Stephen first came into our office he was suffering from low back pain, occasional shoulder pain, and arm numbness. His low back pain was fairly consistent with fluctuating intensity. “I started 6-7 months ago with consistent care, and pain is drastically reduced in intensity and frequency!”

“The office is very thorough, and Dr. Chad’s adjustment technique is very specific instead of the general ‘crack it all’ approach.” Since starting care, Stephen has been able to drastically reduce Ibuprofen and Tylenol.

“Give it a full chance, as Dr. Chad actually solves underlying issues!”

– Stephen

“Improved Kickboxing Inquiry”

Megan first came into our office suffering from chronic pain in her neck and shoulder. “It hurt me every day, and when I went to other doctors and physical therapists I saw very little results.”

After Megan started coming into our office regularly, her shoulder injury has no pain and “my posture is more straight and walking and sitting is more comfortable.”

“Revelation Chiropractic has exceeded all of my expectations, and Dr. Chad is so kind. I feel awesome!”

– Megan

“Improved High Blood Pressure”

Revelation Chiropractic… “Love it, love it, love it!”

Suzi first came into our office for High Blood Pressure, and she had no symptoms leading up to it. “My blood pressure was so high that I was surprised that I hadn’t exploded!” She was going to a General Practitioner for her High Blood Pressure who just prescribed more medication. Since coming into our office, she has been able to stop taking Lisinopril that she was originally taking twice a day!

Suzi has been following her Care Plan since coming into our office, and she said it’s “more time than other Chiropractors, but SO worth it! Dr. Chad and his staff have been great!

– Suzi

“Improved Siatica and Insomnia”

Rebecca first came into our office with confirmed siatica that was causing agonizing pain every day. Her pain was so bad that she was not able to sleep or walk for long periods of time. During the beginning of her care at our office, she started seeing a physical therapist, and some appointments made the pain worse.

Rebecca has followed the care recommendations Dr. Chad has given her, and she is now sleeping almost through the night, and days are completely pain free! Rebecca was also able to reduce taking Tramodol, Aspirin, and Tylenol.

“The staff here is excellent. They are very professional, kind, and helpful!”

– Rebecca

“Top Chiropractor in Fort Collins”

Thank You Fort Collins!

You picked us as the top chiropractor in Fort Collins! We are proud to be a part of the community and look forward to continuing to bring you Principled Chiropractic throughout the years to come. Helping Northern Colorado families reach & maintain optimal health, allowing your body to function at it’s full potential!

Congratulations to Revelation Chiropractic on being the on top Chiropractor in Fort Collins ranking of 2015.

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Was Told he Couldn’t Play Rugby Anymore!”

Eric went through “all possible avenues for treatment” for his numbness in right hand, pain into both shoulders, back, hip, leg, and neck pain! He had suffered constant severe pain for years from rugby injuries. After 23 years of playing rugby, Doctors told him “there was nothing they could do except manage the pain and he was done playing rugby!” This was due to two herniated discs in neck.

Within six weeks Eric stated, “I have regained all feeling back in my right hand, I can sleep through the night, no pain in hips, and his neck is extremely better!” At 37, he is continuing to play rugby for NOCO Flamingos here in Fort Collins!

Eric’s wife also receives specific scientific chiropractic adjustments and Eric says, “It is hard to put into words how much this has helped me and changed my life!”

Health and healing is possible once you correct the cause of the problem areas in the spine! Eric has been under care for over five months to receive full correction to his spine! Revelation Chiropractic believes there is hope for your family’s health and healing!

It is hard to put into words how much this has helped me and changed my life!

Eric and his family prove again that healing comes from ABOVE DOWN INSIDE OUT!

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Sciatica, and Severe Fatigue”

Fibromyalgia, migraines, sciatica, and severe fatigue!
Linsey came into our office with severe Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Sciatica, and Chronic Fatigue. She had been treated by internal medicine, neurologists, physical therapists, and rheumatologists but nothing seemed to help. The Midrine, Excedrin Migraine, and Vicodin were only provided temporary relief and were not correcting the problem!

Within a month Linsey’s headaches were completely gone, the sciatica and low back pain were gone in six weeks, and her fibromyalgia has continued to decrease over time with every adjustment! Linsey states, “I really like the precise adjustments Dr. Chad uses. My body doesn’t hurt for days after the visits. He really worked with me and my specific problems by understanding what is going on with my body.”

Her boyfriend, Terje, has been a long standing player and coach for the NOCO Flamingos, the rugby team in Northern Colorado. He has experienced incredible results with his bulging discs in his neck to the point where he constantly experienced numbness, tingling, and weakness. He says he has successfully been in the gym for two months and has lost 7lbs without any numbness or pain.

Linsey and Terje’s story reminds us that “The master of your body did not run off and leave you masterless.” The power that made your body heals your body… the chiropractor helps remove the interference in the flow of that power.

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“I Highly Recommend Chiropractic Care!”

Healed from my Autoimmune Disease!
Steve suffered from a chronic peripheral neuropathy which damaged the nerves in his arms and legs. “I would get intense leg pain and had weakness in my muscles. Physical therapy was helpful in retaining my muscles, but high activity induced severe pain. Pain medications, visits with neurologists, and other drug therapies did not work. I am a proponent of physical therapy and chiropractic interventions, so when a friend highly recommended Dr. Chad, I decided to come in.

“Immediately I was impressed with Dr. Chad and his office. I was amazed at how accurately his assessment identified the problem spots I had indicated. Dr. Chad’s faith, attitude and expertise gave me confidence and a sense of admiration for what he had to offer. Within a month, I experienced miraculous pain relief! I was able to remain active for hours of intense exercise without any discomfort!

“I highly recommend chiropractic care for anyone suffering from pain. The body can do amazing things to heal itself with the proper guidance, and without surgery or drugs. Here at Revelation Chiropractic I have found more than just a skilled chiropractor…I have found a compassionate and caring individual and loyal friend. He cares personally for all his practice members and uses all of the tools at his disposal to help them become healthy and reach their goals.

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Chiropractic Corrects the Cause of Health Problems.”

High blood pressure, insomnia, and indigestion health and healing!
Mr Harris was referred into Revelation Chiropractic by his sister for High blood pressure, indigestion, stomach pain, neck pain, low back pain, insomnia, and nausea going on for over three years. A team of specialists could not diagnose what was causing his digestive system issues and was placed on Promethazine, Nexium, Pantoprazole, and Metaclopram. The tests performed were unable to find out the cause of his discomfort and he was unable to continue going to physical therapy and lost 17 pounds because of the pain!

He stated, “One big thing about Dr Chad is that he not only cared about my health, but was willing to educate me on the cause of the problems I was having!”

Chiropractic care has been “over the top” and provided a significant amount of relief!

He also said that chiropractic care has been “over the top” and provided a significant amount of relief! He is sleeping better, blood pressure has come down, able to eat more, and blessed to get off multiple medications!

Mr. Harris’s sister came in for her severe jaw pain after a dental operation that was corrected through principled chiropractic care.

He is a living chiropractic miracle, sharing the good news of how principled chiropractic corrects the CAUSE of health problems

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Depression Anxiety and Headache Free!”

I started chiropractic care in November 2011. I originally came to see Dr. Chad because, at the time, I was going through EXTREME periods of depression and anxiety, trying out different medications, and experiencing many different physical symptoms. I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and placed on temporary medications which caused even more severe issues when I withdrew off Xanax.

It was hard for me to stay focused or optimistic that anything or anyone could help me. I literally thought I was doomed for the rest of my life and I was scared of even leaving my house. I began seeing Dr. Chad with hopes of trying chiropractic because he described how it would help the problems I was having.

With the anxiety came a lot of physical symptom: shortness of breath, chest pains, light-headedness, dizziness and many other random issues that can mimic severe physical problems. I didn’t want to stay on medication, but it was something that I realized I needed until all of my problems got sorted out.

Today I am anxiety and depression free which is something I never thought I’d experience at any point in my life. I have all of my confidence back and then some. I’m a completely different person because of the issues I experienced and none of those fears that I had previously have any control over me. During all of my treatments, I felt immediately better after each session. It was just what I was seeking when crippled with anxiety and couldn’t get a break from.

Among other things, I had many other issues at the time I started receiving my treatment. After a few short treatments, I noticed my IBS was no longer bothersome, headaches were very rare, and from sleeping on my stomach so much I had developed a slight pain in my lower back when lying down. This completely vanished after 1 treatment and has yet to return.

I’ve been going for over a year now and noticed that stress no longer bothers me, anxiety and depression are gone, my whole attitude and outlook on life changed completely. As far as being sick goes, I only get a cold about once a year which only lasts for a day or two. The worst part was the long-lasting sore throat. Now when I get a cold, I don’t even get the sore throat, just a slight sinus infection.

My eyes ALWAYS bothered me during the spring and fall due to pollen and allergies. Now my eyes are perfectly fine during these times of year. Overall, I feel like chiropractic has benefited me greatly and I’m a completely different person because of it.

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Migraine Free!”

Migraine sufferers know the debilitating effects of the pain and light and sound sensitivity that can and usually develops during the most inopportune times…This was my story for decades!

Having exhausted the numerous “trial and error” pharmaceuticals, cleansing, diets, massage, and acupuncture to relieve these migraines, Susan arrived wearily at Revelation Chiropractic.

From the very onset, I was treated like family. Dr. Chad explained his new and non-invasive methods and assured me of noticeable results. I placed my faith in God that he would anoint Dr. Chad’s hands and guide them in my speedy recovery.

Fourth months later…. I am MIGRAINE FREE and compelled to share the good news!!

Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Relief at Last!”

Relief at Last! The numbness, tingling and weakness in his left hand was completely gone!
Cory was suffering for five years with insomnia and limited activity due to numbness, tingling and weakness in his left hand and loss of all strength his arm. It was to the point where he would not be able to pick up a glass of water due to his weakness in his grip! His orthopedist said he would have to have surgery to fix the problem and had been to other chiropractors with little to no change!

Cory experienced a miracle on his first adjustment. He stated, “When I stood up, there was no pain in my shoulder!” The numbness, tingling and weakness in his left hand was completely gone! Cory no longer has to depend on painkillers to sleep at night and function throughout the day!

When I stood up, there was no pain in my shoulder!

He has told his mother and girlfriend about our office for their health needs. His mother had severe anxiety, neck pain, and shoulder pain. She has seen incredible differences in the frequency and duration of her attacks!

Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“No More Carpal Tunnel!!”

No more carpal tunnel pain!!
Katy is one of many stories of those who suffer from carpal tunnel. The pain she endured was extreme and would even wake her up at night. Katy tried other traditional remedies such as wrist braces, which did not help. After coming to Revelation Chiropractic, Katy no longer wears her braces and has been pain free! “I’ve always been skeptical of the adjustments I had often heard chiropractors give. Within the first two adjustments, my carpal tunnel has been alleviated. I no longer have numbness or pain in the day or at night.”

I’ve always been skeptical of the adjustments I had often heard chiropractors give. Within the first two adjustments, my carpal tunnel has been alleviated. I no longer have numbness or pain in the day or at night.

Katy’s story is exciting and a true testament to the healing that can happen with chiropractic care and the principals we live by that the body was designed by a Creator and we are here to remove that interference in the body that causes many health issues.

“I would encourage anyone who is suffering and thinks there is no way they would ever be healed to give chiropractic care at Revelation Chiropractic a chance to improve their lives.” We are excited about Katy’s progress and know it will give hope to others who also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Chiropractic Family”

A Happy, Healthy, Terrific Chiropractic Family!!
Rick, his wife Maria, and her son Francisco came into Revelation Chiropractic in 2011 to help with the health of their family. Maria had unbearable migraine headaches, chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, and numbness into her right hand for over 5 years. She had been to neurologists in Colorado and Wyoming with the only solution offered to her was to take Valtrex and Relpax medications for her pain. She had doubts about how chiropractic could help her but after one month of care, she has thrown all of her medications into the trash!

Maria says, “Put a little faith into your body’s ability to heal itself!”

Her husband Rick is also under care for severe low back and knee pain due to a fall. Francisco her son had chronic sinus infections and headaches. All are receiving great results through specific scientific chiropractic care. All of their bodies began to heal from Above Down Inside Out! Now this family is a Happy, Healthy, and Terrific Revelation Chiropractic Family!!!!

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Restoration of body & mind after Auto Accident!”

Recovery from an auto accident. Restoration of body and mind!
Brian has struggled for 35 years with neck pain, headaches, seizures and the inability to perform basic comprehension skills since a severe auto accident that broke bones in his skull, jaw, and neck. He had been taking Dilantin to control seizures he was having since the accident!

Brian said, “I am impressed with the equipment Dr Chad uses to help me with my problem areas. It took time, but I have more confidence in myself knowing that my mind and body are working far better than I could ever imagine!”

He is free from headaches, neck pain, seizures, and his ability to carry out all of his everyday needs has improved exponentially!

He continues to receive his chiropractic adjustments to maintain his mental and physical ability!

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“Baby’s first adjustment: Six days old!”

Meet our newest practice member! Baby’s first adjustment: Six days old!
What a blessing it is that families trust us with the health of their infants! Titus was brought into our office by his mother and grandmother to get checked after being born less than a week ago! His mother had been coming to our office for about a month knowing the importance of chiropractic care during her pregnancy and for the health of Titus.

From the moment they are conceived, the nervous system controls every stage of a baby’s development. In fact, the health of the nervous system controls the person they will grow up to be. For every function to happen in harmony, children must be free of nerve interference. The birthing process can be difficult and put a lot of pressure on the baby’s nervous system. Having the mother adjusted during pregnancy allows for an easier birth for the mother and the baby. Once the child is born, they should be checked for nerve pressure. A proper functioning nervous system will allow the body to function at their optimal potential!

Come find out how our kids are living happy, healthy, and drug-free lives the way God intended. At Revelation Chiropractic, we are fully committed to helping you and your family reach your potential in life.

– Revelation Chiropractic Staff

“In the Army now!”

Chiropractic helps young soldier with Sinus Pressure, Nosebleeds, Headaches and Neck Pain.
My son Jayson started coming in to see Dr. Chad about 4 months prior to leaving for the Army. My husband Pat and I had been coming for several months and were amazed at how much better we were doing. So we brought Jayson in to see Dr. Chad for severe nose bleeds, sinus pressure resulting in severe headaches, and shoulder pain from years of playing baseball. He was treating these conditions by taking Advil, Advil Cold and Sinus, and Tylenol, on a constant basis. Now he very rarely takes any medications!

Jayson says that by the time he left for basic training, he was “almost 100%”. During basic, his shoulder symptoms returned, and while back on leave, he came back in. After only two adjustments, his flexibility was greatly improved!

“The office was very welcoming, Dr Chad is very friendly and did a thorough job with the adjustments correcting the problems I was having!” Jayson has recommended chiropractic care to several young soldiers that he went to basic with because he feels so amazing since his care from Dr. Chad.

Revelation Chiropractic Staff

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