Your First Visit

Welcome to Revelation Chiropractic!

Here is what to expect on your first visit:

Step 1.) Contact us through our website to Schedule An Appointment

Step 2.) We will contact you via text to get you scheduled. Before you come into our office, we require that you fill out your initial patient paperwork.

(Your appointment text reminder will include the link to this paperwork as well.)

Your Initial Visit (Part 1) will include:
– Consultation with Dr. Chad
– Digital postural assessment
– NASA published Neurological test
– Any X-rays needed
– Nerve scan

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Our office is neurologically-based. That means we want to know exactly what is going on with you and your spine before we adjust you. We want to not only find the root cause of your health symptoms, but we want to help you understand your spine and how it relates to your nerves and all the other cells, organs, and tissues of your body. Our goal is to help you function at your best by relieving the pressure off your nerves through torque release adjustments so that you can have a strong, healthy spine for life! Your body functions from above then down, and from the inside out. If that flow of communication from your brain through your nerves to your cells is not aligned, you won’t be able to function at your best.

Your Follow Up Visit & Adjustment (Part 2) will include:
-Doctor’s Report of Findings where we show you your X-rays and explain what we’re seeing with you.
-Doctor’s Personalized Recommendations for Care: Based on your X-rays, Dr. Chad will give you his chiropractic care recommendations specifically for you to help your spine heal so that you can function at your best with no neurological interference.

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Why we take X-rays, Nerve Scans, and a Posture Analysis:

– Specific Chiropractic Postural X-rays
Dr. Chad requires X-Rays because he wants to see exactly what is going on with your spine before he adjusts you. X-rays tell us a lot about why you are experiencing health symptoms and shows us if you have any disk degeneration, nerve atrophy, scoliosis, bone spurs, bone fusion, or any subluxations (misalignments) of the vertebrae; allowing Dr. Chad to adjust you exactly where your body needs it.

*If you are pregnant, please tell us beforehand*

– Complete Neurological Diagnostic Testing
Dr. Chad requires a nerve scan on you because the function of your nervous system is the lifeblood of our chiropractic office. If your spine is misaligned, your nerves will not be able to function correctly and this will lead to health symptoms arising in your body.

We use NASA-published technology that assesses how your body is functioning using Rolling Thermography (or a Thermal Scan) to measure the levels of interference to your nervous system. The color of the scan determines the level of severity in your nervous system and shows us which side of your body has more nerve pressure.
White = Normal
Green = Mild Severity
Blue = Moderate/Severe
Red = Severe
Black = Very Severe

Think of your nervous system like a garden watered by a system of hoses. You can add all the sun, good soil, and fertilizer that you want, but if you don’t have water, the garden will die. If you have a kink in your hose, the water will not be able to get to the plants to water them. Your body is like a garden, and your nervous system is like the hose. The signals from your brain must travel through your nerves to reach your cells and organs. If there is a misalignment in your spine, it will “put a kink in your hose”, causing the nerve to atrophy over time, and symptoms will arise in the cells and organs that nerve travels to. You can add all the drugs, medication, and exercise you want, but if your spine is not aligned correctly, you are not fixing the problem at its source.


– Posture Analysis
Dr. Chad requires a posture analysis on your initial visit as posture is a window into your spine. Having bad posture over time can result in misalignments, disk degeneration, bone spurs, nerve atrophy, and bone fusion in your spine. Your posture is very important!

Think about your posture going hand in hand with your regular chiropractic adjustments, in the same way that brushing your teeth goes hand in hand with your dental cleaning visits. The dentist can’t keep your teeth clean every single day – that’s on you. Why? Because every day you’re eating and getting your teeth dirty. Your chiropractic adjustments can’t keep your spine completely in alignment every single day – part of that is on you through having good posture. Why? Because every day you’re walking, running, bending over, twisting, and getting your spine out of alignment. That’s life. But we’re here for you at Revelation Chiropractic to keep your spine strong and healthy with regular adjustments!

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