I have had chronic pain for 16 years, and have been seeing a chiropractor regularly for 14 of those. Dr. Chad is my fifth chiropractor I have seen with any regularity, and he is far and away the most effective.

Most chiropractic offices I have been to ask me to fill out paperwork for each visit regarding my pain levels and regions of discomfort. Dr. Chad does not seem to require such intake paperwork— instead, he uses my body’s reactions to his touch to determine where he needs to work. I am unsure how he does this, but my problem areas have always been addressed without my input. I also appreciate the use of the activator as opposed to manual adjustments. I have had adjustments with activators on my jaw many times, but my neck and back are in better shape than ever— without any anxiety I get from manual adjustments.

Specifically, I want to speak to my adjustment today, because I’ve never been so impressed with chiropractic care. I see Dr. Chad every two weeks, and for the past twelve days have felt like I had a muscle knot pressing on my diaphragm. I couldn’t get full, deep breaths— it was miserable. I was sure I needed a massage, but in the current environment, that is not really possible. I went in today, and one click of the activator on my neck, and I could breathe! It has been 8 hours since my adjustment, and I have not needed any ibuprofen or acetaminophen in that time. I feel such relief— I will be a patient of Dr. Chad’s for a long time.

The front desk staff is also delightful and incredibly helpful— the whole office is great. Five stars!

Gracie L Fort Collins CO

I love Revelation Chiropractic! I have been going to Revelation for years now. Dr Chad and, his incredible office staff (Stephanie and Dovina) are warm and welcoming. I sleep better and feel more positive overall. Dr Chad has straightened my spine, and has kept it in good alignment. He also taught me several exercises for my hands to help ease my pain. That was huge for me as I use my hands a lot for work. The price is also reasonable. I highly recommend using this chiropractioner

Merrie Johnstown CO

I’ve been attending Revelation Chiropractic for a long time. Dr. Chad is amazing chiropractor. He gives advices and recommendation. I recommend go to Revelation Chiropractic.

Vanessa P Windsor CO

I always have a great experience at Revelation Chiropractic! Dr. Chad is very good at what he does and very professional as well as making you feel like you are part of the "professional family " there. All that work there make you feel welcome and "cared about"!

Elaine P Fort Collins CO

Had an amazing experience. Everyone cordial and professional.

Itheresa Berthoud CO

Treated my daughter with care for a last minute sports physical. I was able to get her in right away and the staff was warm and helpful. We will be back!!

Jess M Wellington CO

Dr Chad takes time to ask if you have any problem areas. The staff is friendly and efficient. Dr Chad is super with the DD clients ,he never talks down to them

Beve J Buda CO

A fantastic group of people with a genuine desire to improve the lives of everyone they interact with.

I've never really subscribed to the idea of chiropractic care, but I watched my friend and my partner improve in many aspects of their life through their continued care at this office. So after months (maybe even years) of suggesting I try it, I finally did. It sounds like an infomercial, but I really wish I had gone sooner.

It's not just "cracking you back" like you see on tv. They provide feedback, stretches, encouragement to try things to further improve your well being, and always a positive and welcoming environment.

If you're on the fence, it's worth the time to meet this team to see if it could be for you.

Daniel G Timnath CO

I had chronic pain in my lower back for five plus years when I decided to start going to Revelation Chiropractic. I have my own PAINTING business and do a lot of twisting, stooping and bending . I have been going for adjustments for five months and I don't experience any of the constant pain I used too! Dr Chad is Amazing and his staff is the best! What a Blessing!

Jeff T Severance CO

My body always feels relaxed after my adjustment with Dr. Chad and heals itself when life's stresses take their toll.

Sheila G Greeley CO

Dr. Chad has a wonderful, caring staff which reflects his own dedication to his patients.

Lisa K Loveland CO

Body has been feeling a lot better over the years as I have been getting adjustments consistently. Dr. Chad is very knowledgeable about why pain is there. Great staff and customer service. They care about the whole person.

Chris R Bellvue CO

Love love love this place! The team is the best and Dr. Chad has done wonders for our whole family. His care has resolved numerous health issues for both the adults and kids in our family. It keeps us out of doctor offices and surgery tables and we wouldn't go without his care, both for resolution of problems and then preventative. We can't think more highly of Dr. Chad than we do. We recommend him to everyone!

Robin S Laporte CO

Everyone in the office is friendly and welcoming. Dr Chad always takes the time to listen to what's going on with my total health and offer suggestions above and beyond just providing adjustments.

Mark S Campion CO

1 year of constant back pain as a 19 year old and I thought I would never get better. Well, I feel better than ever. He actually fixed me. Thank you!

Isaac W Ault CO

Dr Chad and Staff are amazing with educating people while chiropractic care is an essential part of health maintenance. Additionally, I trust their care with my teens.

Vicky H Lucerne CO

The staff is friendly and professional. Dr Chad treats you as an individual. He treats the whole body and mind. Dr Chad offers wonderful exercises to help facilitate recovery.

Colette B Fort Collins CO

Dr. Chad is knowledgeable, efficient, non-pushy, and very kind. He makes an effort to get to know his patients personally. The office staff is also very pleasant and helpful. I came in for neck and jaw issues and have seen significant improvements in both! I would recommend them to anyone needing these kinds of services. Thank you Revelation!

Lo P Berthoud CO

I went from having frequent headaches and migraines to having almost none. Amazing!

Allison K Johnstown CO

Dr. Chad and his team have provided chiropractic care for me for the past 5 years because of my bad migraines (and now have cared for my husband for the past year) and I would recommend them to anyone. They are encouraging, kind, respectful and care so much about the health and well-being of anyone who goes through their doors. (This is just a bonus but Dr. Chad remembers details about my life even though he has so many patients. I believe he really cares about each individual). I can confidently say I function better because of Revelation!

Kellyn S Windsor CO

Love this place the staff is so friendly they always make me feel welcome when I come in and I have had amazing results. I highly recommend them!

Gretchen T Buda CO

WOW! I was impressed from the moment I arrived. Deep smarts and incredible service.

Kim L Severance CO

First rate, principled chiropractic Care. Kind and generous staff. Can't go wrong.

Travis S Greeley CO

Love the new office! Friendly great service! Revelation Chiropractic makes it possible for me to move. He is relatively gentle when adjusting and my neck and back have improved since I started going. Definitely recommend!

Beth R Loveland CO

Lovely new office! Caring, kind and genuine people! I have been getting care from Dr. Chad for 3 years and feel better than I have in ages. I will be keeping up with my chiropractor routine for a long time.

Amy M Wellington CO

Dr. Chad and his staff are fantastic! I have scoliosis and Dr. Chad has helped me tremendously. I just wish i met him sooner! Dakota and Stephanie are equally as amazing. They are so sweet and extremely educated in the chiropractic industry. The entire team makes you feel like a friend instead of a “patient”. It’s just an overall wonderful experience. 10 stars!

Patricia A Johnstown CO

My family has been coming here 5 and half years, the office is like family and they treat you like family! Their hospitality is amazing! Every time my kids get their adjustment they sleep so good and helps my son with his growing pains. Our families overall health is so much better coming here because not only do they help with your spine but they help with your overall health, when my son was 9 months old he had an ear infection, instead of antibiotics Dr chad was able to adjust him and gave me tips to help and sure enough helped and avoided getting tubes for him. Dr chad and his team has saved our family and will continue too!

Kori A Fort Collins CO

The staff is awesome and dr. Chad is the best! They can make you feel like family and honestly care for you and your health!

B B Severance CO

Dr. Chad, Stephanie and Dakota are an amazing team at Revelation. Half of why I go is the fantastic atmosphere and amazing people. I’d hang out there all day if they’d let me!! Dr Chad is very attentive to what you need on every visit. If you’re thinking about it and reading this, it’s your sign to go!! You’ll be blessed!!

Kenneth B Windsor CO

I look forward to each appointment. The staff is amazing!

Katie M Buda CO

We love the flexibility that Revelation Chiropractic has when difficulties happen in life. And the loving atmosphere they have

Daveen Greeley CO

Dr. Chad is has a very warm and likable personality and is very informative about any questions that I may have. He does a great job, and he is especially gentle with his adjustment.

Loretta W Berthoud CO

Dr. Chad is great at explaining what is going on in your body and offers useful homecare options

Renee R Wellington CO

Dr. Chad has an amazing way of knowing exactly where my spine needs adjusted and relieving the nerve tension in that area. I always leave feeling aligned and able to function much better than when I came in! I first came to Revelation after a swimming incident where I had hit my head on the bottom of a pool and two of the vertebrae in my neck were out of alignment. I had been having trouble sleeping, focusing, and off and on my neck would ache. As soon as Dr. Chad adjusted my spine I felt instant relief. It was amazing! I love the atmosphere and staff in their facility. Thank you Revelation Chiropractic!

Brittney B Fort Collins CO

Dr. Chad and his staff got me walking again!

Lynda R Loveland CO

Could not have found a better doctor

Gerald S Bellvue CO

I’m am SO thankful for Dr Chad and his staff. They are always welcoming, friendly and ready to care for me and all those who come in. Dr Chad has a gentle but thorough method of adjusting my neck & back. There has been substantial improvement over the past 8 months. Thank you!

C U Greeley CO

I went in with migraine so bad I could barely walk. I was crying uncontrollably. They got me in same day for an evaluation and thankfully an adjustment. I walked out of there with a smile on my face instead of tears. He saved me...

Vanessa D Johnstown CO

Revelation Chiropractic has made a huge difference in my physical comfort and the ability to relax. Dr. Chad is great as a caregiver and as a person. This is not a twist and pop experience rather the focus is on your Atlas (upper neck) and then everything aligns from there. Great Experience!

Bob P Severance CO

Great staff. It's wonderful to have more mobility and less pain. Love you guys!!

Leslie A Buda CO

I have had the best experience with Dr. Chad and staff. I recommend him and his practice to anyone. The family atmosphere is amazing. They truly take care of you.

Jordan M Laporte CO

I have been seeing Dr. Chad for about 4 years now and am continually pleased with the service. The environment is welcoming and comfortable with friendly staff, and I have been so happy with the improvement on my neck/back pain. Dr. Chad has treated me through a car accident, pregnancy, and has treated my son since he was 1 week old.

Leanna J Wellington CO

The whole team is amazing. I always feel welcomed even when I am late. The difference in my quality of life has been huge!

Michael W Fort Collins CO

I went to revelation for the first time yesterday to do my consultation for a recent rear-end accident I was in last week. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the staff made me feel right at home, even as a new patient. I was thoroughly impressed by all the methods Revelation and Dr Chad used to really pin point your root causes of pain and how detailed they are. I am going back for my follow up today and to get my first adjustment with Dr Chad and I am looking forward to it! I have already referred their office to a friend of mine just after one visit!

Amber P Berthoud CO

Dr. Chad is very knowledgeable. My back and neck feel better after his treatments.
Dr. Chad and his staff are very friendly and easy to work with.

Bruce H Bellvue CO

Before Revelation Chiropractic I was suffering from the pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I'm down to one medication and have more pain free days. On a side note it also helped my asthma.

Marlena C Campion CO

Dr Chad, Stephanie and Dakota are so amazing!

Verity K Ault CO

Staff is always friendly, helpful and caring. Dr. Chad efficient but also good at what he does (my back is much happier after a year of his care).

Ginny D Loveland CO

Dr. Chad and team are caring and kind. My chiropractor visits have helped me tremendously. I am always welcomed with sincerity. Thank you

Mary R Bellvue CO

Nothing but amazing things to say! Amazing staff!

Liana M Lucerne CO

Dr. Chad and his entire staff are top notch in every regard!! I've been going to Revelation Chiropractic for almost 2 years now. I was extremely skeptical of all things chiropractic, did not think it would help, etc. the usual skepticism. After going to see Chad for almost 2 years, I've not had a single back spasm since, and have more strength, stamina and overall balance. Hands down worth the investment into your own health.

Jonathon W Ault CO

Dr. Chad is an excellent chiropractor who can help a wide range of people with health problems. He is very friendly and professional.

Jerry S Campion CO

Office ladies very friendly and helpful and dr. Chad is very friendly and always in an upbeat happy mood!

Justin H Fort Collins CO

I am a house cleaner and after five hours of cleaning with at least three hours of it vacuuming I need an adjustment. Dr. Chad knows exactly what and how to adjust my body. Yeah Dr. Chad. Thank u thank u

Carol C Lucerne CO

This office is the best run office in town!! The staff is very friendly and courteous and create a total stress free experience. The chiropractor, Dr. Chad, is one of the best guys you’ll ever know and it just so happens that he has some pretty mad chiropractic skills also. If anyone is looking to invest in their health, this place by far is my top suggestion 👍🏻

Jill Loveland CO

Dr. Chad and the office ladies are awesome. The chiropractic care I received is world class. Da Champion!

James K Ault CO

I am a skeptic when it comes to alternative care. I was desperate to manage my daily back and knee pain from scoliosis. I went to Revelation by a referral from a friend. I had relief after my first few adjustment. The doc and the staff are incredible people! I continue to have less and less pain. It has been a great experience.

Zachary O Laporte CO

When my husband and I come in for our appointments the staff is very friendly and helpful. Thank you so much. Dr Chad has helped both my husband and myself and appreciate your being here. So very thankful!

Karon R Campion CO

I feel so much better at 6 months!!! I was in pain daily. Now I can go 2 weeks or more without noticing any pain. Revelation Chiropractic patients are treated to their individual needs with kindness. Other chiropractic care only kind-of worked for me and always was extremely painful. Dr. Chad is great and such a good friend to his patients. He really cares about you!! I do not feel pain during or after treatments using the process he uses of moving individual bones. Self-scheduling of appointments makes it easy to schedule. Make an appointment today and find out how you can feel better. 100% worth every penny spent.

Roberta Timnath CO

I LOVE Dr. Chad. I am consistently astonished at how much better my body functions when it is properly aligned. Did you know your foot can be adjusted?! I feel like Im walking on a cloud. When I started coming to Revelation I could barely walk, now Im healthier, happier and so grateful for the ability to be active again!

Lorie C Fort Collins CO

My wife, Karol, and love coming to Revelation Chiropractic. We have been coming for a long time and just love the office staff and Dr. Chad is the best!

Arnold S Timnath CO

After two months of therapy, I went in for a second evaluation. Brittney conducted the eval and was very thorough in explaining the changes from the first one when I started. It is a slow process to correct structure, but it is happening! I am going on 72 so if it can work for me, it can for you! Chiro Chad is upbeat, positive and I always look forward to seeing him.

Suzanne H Windsor CO

Revelation is the best, the crew is the best. They treat you like family. Also they share a lot of information on why it’s important to get adjusted and what it does for your body. Highly recommended.

D R Fort Collins CO

Doctor Chad remembers everyone! He knows just what is going on with my spine/body and always is encouraging and fun. I would recommend Revelation Chiropractic to anyone.

Wendy S Lucerne CO

Dr. Chad is the best!!

Debbie L Campion CO

Dr. Chad is always kind and attentive to my needs. The whole staff is friendly and take the time to understand what is ailing me. They care about your story and care about your whole health.

Ally W Greeley CO

Finally found an office that works with your bones and not random cracks and pops. Friendly receptionist and I come all the way from Florida to see Chad.

Eric J Fort Collins CO

Every visit to Revelation is fantastic. My whole family has benefited from Revelation Chiropractic. Dr. Chad and his staff are joyful and welcoming every time we walk in. His technique is effective and treatment and healing are his goal. Thank you, Dr, Chad, for making such a difference in our lives.

Jeanie P Campion CO

I love the family environment the staff is great and they make you feel super comfortable Dr Chad is such an amazing person God bless!

Fran C Fort Collins CO

After suffering years of insomnia & TMJD, I can honestly say that my sleep patterns have drastically improved and the tension and tightness in my jaw is improving as well. My mental fog has improved, not to mention my overall mood and well-being. Thankful for Dr. Chad and the team at Revelation. Great atmosphere, great people, and always leave refreshed!

Jenna S Timnath CO

Dr. Chad and his staff are such blessings! The chiropractic care is not painful and the communication between staff and patients is great. I really appreciate the openness of loving Jesus within this business and it's something that I will support all day. 🙂

Jesy A Lucerne CO

Great service. Informative. Very easy to work with scheduling. Always helping with different questions.

Michael B Laporte CO

Dr. Chad and staff are always inviting. Dr. Chad is fluent in his craft and takes care of my whole family keeping us aligned for life.

Ryan S Fort Collis CO

As always, great to see the team at Revelation. My adjustments are refreshing to my body and the knowledge of how to maintain, identify and heal just keep coming for a continuously improved me. Thank you so much!

Diane T Timnath CO

Excellent visit as always. Quick correction. Walking out feeling great. Thank You!

Ryan L Wellington CO

Amazing. I have been a patient for over four years for a reason. My back is grateful.

Sam R Loveland CO

Always great! The entire staff is wonderful and Chad’s personality is infectious.

Landon H Severance CO

Crack-a-lackin good!

Kirk J Windsor CO

I always look forward to my visits with Dr. Chad. He keeps me feeling good and able to stay active with all of my hobbies. Not only does he keep my body feeling good, he is always so kind and caring. I love everyone in this office.

Amy M Fort Collis CO

Always a good visit.

Joseph C Timnath CO

Amazing! Dr. Chad is the best. The staff is the kindest and my body always feels great afterwards. I travel 45 minutes just to get adjusted @ Revelation Chiro and it’s so worth it!

Abigail H Wellington CO

Very helpful – knowledgeable explanations for spinal and related status. Personable as always. Very caring and adjustments greatly help as this past visit. The adjustments strengthen my back and posture too.

Ruthanne B Loveland CO

Dr. Chad is very good at his job. He helped me with my back pain. He is very friendly.

Addie S Severance CO

I love the staff at Revelation Chiropractic. Dr. Chad is kind and listens well. Steph is great at answering questions and getting paperwork. Daveen always greets us with a smile. AND – NO more headaches and dizziness.

Kristi S Windsor CO

Everyone is always so friendly and helpful! Revelation is a great place!

Kristin R Fort Collis CO

Visits are always great. They care about you here. Feel so good when you leave!

Michelle L Timnath CO

I go to Dr. Chad on a regular basis to help my neck alignment. My neck has dramatically improved. I also am able to maintain my breathing health by eliminating the pressure that has been on those nerves for years.

Jonathan S Wellington CO

I love that I always get right in and do not have to wait for my adjustment. Dr. Chad is always friendly & concerned about my spine health.

Jill C Loveland CO

Dr. Chad listens to my concerns. My hips are so much better after visits if I have sinus problem he’ll open them.

Alexis J Windsor CO

Very prompt and comfortable. Extremely polite and even has a table set us for kids to color with books and a wall of fame for the your artists. Open on Saturdays which fits my schedule. Strong in faith and plays pleasant music.

Aaron G Severance CO

It was great! Dr. Chad has helped me so much from where I was when I first came in. I’m truly grateful.

Katie W Fort Collis CO

Dr. Chad takes the time to get to know you and hear exactly what your concerns are. He is phenomenal with my five year old providing great care. The office gals are also great with the patients and getting to know who you are.

Latashia N Timnath CO

I love Dr. Chad and his staff.

Pamela R Wellington CO

This method & Dr. Chad’s exceptional knowledge & skill are incredibly effective and the results are lasting. Spine health can’t be overrated.

Janae L Loveland CO

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