1. Massage and Chiro: A Perfect Duo

    Tad first came into our office for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: stress, numb arms, low back pain, and foot issues.  Before coming into see Chelsea, Tad was seeing Dr. Chad for regular adjustments.  Since incorporating regular massage with his adjustments, Tad stated, “through combined chiro and massage I feel much better.” Years ago, Tad had some doubts on how massage …Read More

  2. 70 Years and Going Strong!

    After seeing Dr. Chad, here in the office for regular adjustments, Charlie decided to also incorporate massage and see Chelsea for his deep tissue issues and joint pain from the many years of abuse on his body through football, hockey, baseball, moto cross riding, a botched surgery, and a lifetime spent with horses. Before seeing Chelsea, Charlie saw a variety of Dr.’s with varying results. Afte…Read More

  3. Improved Mobility and Low Back Pain!

    Josh initially started coming into our office for low back pain and stiffness that he was suffering with for years. He was in two car accidents in the past, resulting in lower back lash. Since coming into our office, Josh is having better mobility, and has also received the in depth explanations how the body heals itself.…Read More

  4. Improved Gymnast’s Severe Scoliosis

    Danelle first came into our office because she found out that she had scoliosis while she participated in in gymnastics.   Danelle has a 38 Degree Curve in the lower lumbar region of her back, which was causing severe nerve inflammation and muscle spasms, resulting in reproductive issues, back pain, and stress/anxiety. Once Danelle started going through puberty, things weren’t ‘normal’. …Read More

  5. Improved Insomnia For A Highschool Swimmer!

    Kira is a High School Student who is on the Swim Team for her school, and when Kira first came into our office her initial complaints were:  shoulder pain, insomnia, feelings of depression, and anxiety. She told us “I wasn’t able to sleep for days at a time. I was always tired, and it put me in a bad mood most of the time.” Before Kira started Chiropractic here in our office, she was seeing…Read More

  6. Improved Low Back Pain!

    “At first I was not a big fan of Chiropractic, but now you can’t get rid of me!” Ken first came into our office for low back pain that was “hindering his daily abilities, and would not go away for almost a month.” Ken had been to other Chiropractors before, like Chiro-Now, that were not able to give him any relief! Before coming into our office, Ken was taking a lot of ibuprofen, could n…Read More

  7. Improved Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    A lot of the time most people don’t realize that Chiropractic Care can help with conditions such as OCD. Here is an amazing story about how Chiropractic Care helped someone struggling with OCD overcome their “triggers”.   When this patient first started coming into our office she was suffering from ‘Fear of Contamination’. “In Public, I was always on high alert. I was afraid of an…Read More

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  8. Relief from Back Problems, Trouble sleeping and Chronic Coughing

    Marcus started coming to our office for back pain, sleep issues, and chronic coughing, during which time we were also seeing his mom in our office for neck and shoulder pain, and chronic sinus trouble.  He was having a hard time sitting at the desk during school and was having to take Ibuprofen to help him with the pain.  Marcus was nervous at first to begin care and was not sure that chiropract…Read More

  9. Improved Health and Wellness

    Ear Infections, Digestion, Back and Postural Issues, Weak Muscles Duncan first came to our office after we were seeing his wife for depression which was helped through corrective care and his 3 girls for various health concerns.  Initial complaints were, Ear Infections that came on regularly and easily, Indigestion, and moderate to severe back pain due to poor posture and weak muscles.  He was s…Read More

  10. Chiropractic… For more than Just Neck and Back Pain

    Madison first came into our office for Tourettes Syndrome and Ticks. She dealt with severe symptoms for over a year before she came into our office. Before chiropractic care, Madison was seeing a neurologist who diagnosed her with tourettes and recommended she take Magnesium.  She states, “the magnesium helped a little but not much.” Before coming into the office, she had some doubts,  “I …Read More