Chiropractic: Myths and Misconceptions Part I

You know that feeling when you thought you knew exactly what you were getting for Christmas, and then you open the gift and it’s nothing like what you expected? Sometimes it can be disappointing, but more often than not, the real treasure inside is so much better than what you imagined.

Many of our patients know that feeling too! Chiropractic sometimes has a reputation of being too rough, un-precise, and only suitable for sturdy adults, not kids or elderly people. But the truth about chiropractic in our office is that it’s gentle, specific, FDA approved, and great for people of all ages and stages! Here are some of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic and what’s really inside our “gift” to you!

Myth 1: Chiropractic is painful!

When we say the word “chiropractic”, what comes to mind? For a lot of people, it can mean painful and scary twisting and cracking, but for the patients in our office, it means a relaxing, safe way to be strong and healthy for life! At Revelation Chiropractic we use the Torque Release Technique, which means the basis of each adjustment is done with a tool called the Integrator. The doctor will use the tool to deliver small, gentle bursts of force to specific points on your spine, which will release tension and realign your spine with very little, if any, pain. Torque release is the only FDA approved chiropractic technique, and is loved by all our patients as the most gentle way to get adjusted into your best health.

Myth 2: An adjustment won’t be specific to my body and my problems.

At Revelation Chiropractic, Dr. Chad won’t randomly move every joint in your body that seems like it wants to move. We use the Torque Release Method for every patient, which means each adjustment is tailored to what your body needs for that specific day. By checking to see which leg is longer or shorter the day you come in, the doctor can see which side of your body is more compressed and needs to be adjusted. Torque Release is the most specific and scientific way to get your spine realigned!

Myth 3: Chiropractic is only for adults

At Revelation, not only do we routinely see teenagers and adults, but we see newborns, pregnant mothers, and elderly people too! Because our techniques and methods are so specific and gentle, they are safe for all ages and stages. Here’s what some of our younger and older patients have said about care in our office:

“I absolutely recommend chiropractic to everyone! Having only used chiropractic through my 3rd pregnancy, I can confidently say that chiropractic was instrumental to my progressive health and ability to function in daily life.”

“I tried going to multiple different Chiropractors, and an Osteopath. My hip would feel better, but would still go out regularly. After doing Corrective Care at Revelation, I have had no problems since last summer, and my back is in better shape!”

Don’t let the myths and misconceptions hold you back; schedule an initial appointment in our office today!

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