Chiropractors Can Align Spine to Stimulate Vagus Nerve for Mental Health in Loveland, CO

We live in a world that is filled with mental health issues. There are, of course, several reasons that we are seeing an increase in people that are struggling to find the happiness that they’re looking for. One way that people of all ages can see an improvement in their mental health as well as their overall health is to stimulate the vagus nerve. This is something that many people haven’t ever even heard of. Revelation Chiropractic is here to talk about the vagus nerve and why it is so important to make sure that you are stimulating it on a regular basis.

What is the Main Function of the Vagus Nerve?

The importance of the vagus nerve cannot be understated. It is part of the autonomic nervous system. This nerve is the longest cranial nerve as it starts in the the brain stem and travels all the way down to part of the colon. The length of this nerve is why it has an impact on so many systems in the body. Here are the biggest functions of the vagus nerve:
– Motor: It assists in movement for the muscles throughout the neck that are responsible for swallowing and speech.
– Special Sensory: This is the taste sensation.
– Sensory: Responsible for the heart, lungs, abdomen and the throat
– Parasympathetic: It controls the digestive tract, your respiration and your heart rate.

What Happens when Vagus Nerve is Stimulated?

Your overall health depends on stimulating your vagus nerve. It can help your body with the fight or flight state that so many of us find ourselves in. This is why the vagus nerve is attached to both motor functions of the body as well as mental health. Here are some tips to ensure that your angus nerve is stimulated:
– Breathing: When your body is feeling stress, it often stops breathing normally and deeply. When you take deep, slow breaths, it can stimulate your vagus nerve and help you find that calming and relaxing effect in your body.
– Diet: Believe it or not, your diet has an impact on your vagus nerve as well. Making sure that you’re eating a diet filled with leafy greens, probiotics, zinc and even fish can help keep your vagus nerve active.
– Laughing: It’s true that laughter is often the best medicine that you need. It can help you stimulate the vagus nerve as you contract your abdominal muscles. You will start to see healing and rejuvenation when laughing.
– Spinal Alignment: The posture of your spine has a large impact on your vagus nerve as well. Because the vagus nerve comes out of the brain stem and into the cervical spine, if your spine is out of alignment at all, it can cause the vagus nerve to become stretched and in the wrong position which causes malfunction.

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