Chiropractors & The Importance Of Ergonomics: Part 2

Proper ergonomics are a key part of spine health, which is why we’ve decided to do a two-part blog series on how to improve your form and posture in day-to-day life. If you haven’t done so already, check out part one, which covers the benefits of ergonomics and how to improve posture while lifting, driving, and working at a desk. Continue reading to learn more and if you’re looking for a Fort Collins chiropractor, contact Revelation Chiropractic today!

At The Gym

Proper form and ergonomics can significantly improve your fitness routine. It’s all too easy to hurt yourself while working out, and proper ergonomics can not only help reduce the chance of injury, but it can also help build muscle. When at the gym, keep these tips in mind:
– Take the time to adjust machines
– Don’t slouch while on a stair climber, treadmill or bike, even when you’re fatigued
– When squatting or deadlifting, keep your back and neck straight and your eyes looking forward
– When doing crunches, keep your legs parallel and don’t cross your ankles
– Take rest periods and drink water
– Work all parts of your body, not just the ones you enjoy working and mix up your exercises
– Make sure to always strengthen your core — it will help protect your back!

Walking or Hiking

Walking comes naturally to us, and it’s something that we don’t often think about!

Walking and hiking are a great way to exercise, and they have lower impact than other aerobic exercises, like running, which means you have a lower chance of lower back pain. Plus, if you currently suffer from lower back pain, taking regular walks can be a great way to get some exercise without increasing your pain. Here are a few tips:
– Wear supportive, sturdy shoes
– Drink plenty of water
– Don’t look down at your feet
– Pull your shoulders back and try not to hunch
– Try to keep a long, tall spine

While Sleeping

You may think that there’s not much you can do about how you sleep. Afterall, you’re unconscious during that time! However, there are plenty of things you can adjust in the sleep equation to help your body’s health while you are resting. Choosing the best mattress and pillow combo can definitely help, as does placing your body in the correct ergonomic position before sleep. Some mattresses and pillows are designed to help you sleep in a more comfortable and supportive position.
– Try hard not to sleep on your stomach, which causes your neck and upper back to rotate and can lead to neck pain.
– Back sleeping is the best position to maintain sleep posture because it keeps the spine straight and out of rotation. You only need a thin pillow or neck roll to support the head.
– If you sleep on your side, your pillow should fill the gap between the head and mattress, supporting the neck and preserving the natural curve of the spine.
– Replace your mattress every 8-10 years to ensure that it isn’t sagging and poorly supporting your back

Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins

Our team of Fort Collins chiropractors is here to help you find relief from pain as well as help you build habits to support your health, like the ones listed above. If you’re suffering from lower back pain, spinal pain, or other central nervous pain, our chiropractors can help. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan to help resolve your condition!

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