Depression & Chiropractic

For those struggling with depression during this season of Thankfulness, Chiropractic might have the answer.

We live in one of the prosperous nations on earth. This thanksgiving, there are a million things we can find to be thankful for; Heat, running water, electricity, food, family, friends, and a great Chiropractor like Revelation can be counted just to name a few. Yet in this holiday season of giving and laughter, many are struggling with depression and they don’t understand why.

Did you know:
When the first vertebra in the spine, known as the atlas, is misaligned, it sometimes can put pressure on the nerves that go to the part of the brain that produces dopamine. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that is used by the nerves system to send messages between the nerve cells. It plays a role in how we think, plan, strive, focus, and feel pleasure. When this area of the brain isn’t able to produce the correct amount of dopamine, we can fall into depression.
Some wonder why they constantly are dealing with negative thoughts and feel trapped in sadness, and hopelessness. While it is important to make a habit of positive thinking, Chiropractic can help too. Realigning the spine takes the pressure off the nerves and the brain is able to function as it was designed to.

Have you ever heard the saying: “Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits, and your habits become your destiny”?
Staying positive can have a big impact too. The brain creates pathways of common thoughts that we dwell on throughout each day. You have control over your thoughts but if you’re constantly dwelling on things that are negative – then your brain will naturally begin to create negative pathways of emotions and mentally pull you into a downward spiral that may eventually affect your health and your life. Thinking positively can have a similar affect but a much better outcome over your health and your world – including those around you. Don’t let depression rule your mind. You have control over your thoughts and your life!

Many turn to drugs and anti-depressants as their solution. However no one wants to be forced to take these for life. What many don’t realize is that when the body is receiving a constant supply of anti-depressant medication, it will stop naturally producing dopamine and can become dependent on the drugs – creating an addiction that can trap someone for life. Don’t let this happen! Come into our office today and let us help you heal from above, down, inside and out. With regular adjustments to keep your spine aligned, your body can naturally find joy and freedom in this season of thankfulness.

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