Do Chiropractors Only Help With Back Pain?

Chiropractors sometimes get a reputation as people who simply work on necks and backs. You might be wondering, “Can a chiropractor help with my leg pain?” or “What’s a Chiropractor going to do for my headaches?” If you are asking yourself these types of questions, then this blog is for you!

This blog will answer the question whether or not chiropractors only help with back pain (spoiler alert: they don’t). We will take a look at what types of things chiropractors do other than helping with back pain. And when you’re ready to schedule your chiropractor appointment, be sure to contact Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins.

Full-Body Health

The first that should be pointed out is that Revelation Chiropractic is committed to full-body health. We don’t want to supply just temporary relief, nor do we want to focus on one area of your body while neglecting the rest. A chiropractor is tasked with identifying any range of potential underlying health issues. We identify your health challenge, and then take steps to correct it, regardless of where it’s located in your body.

The benefits of a chiropractor are vast. To be sure, a chiropractor will provide much relief for back and neck pain. But we don’t merely focus on these areas. A chiropractor focuses on areas and joints throughout your entire body, with a particular focus on the nervous system. The goal of chiropractic therapy is to help align misaligned joints and strive for a balance throughout your body as a whole. Your spine is a source of a great many joints, and our spines are notoriously sensitive and subject to misalignment, but there plenty of other joints that can get misaligned and cause tension and pain.

Unexpected Benefits

The image of a chiropractor popping your joints is only a tiny part of the overall reality. Chiropractor care does indeed focus on alignment, but there can also be a whole host of unexpected benefits that come along with it. For a full list of the different kinds of chiropractic care we offer, as well as what they treat, visit our We Can Help page.

For now, it’s enough to keep in mind that chiropractor care comes in many different forms. We breakdown our chiropractic care into three different categories. The following is just a brief and incomplete look at what each of these tiers of chiropractic care can offer

Chiropractor Care – 1 can help with:
– Addictions
– Allergies
– Constipation
– Cramping
– Carpal Tunnel

Chiropractor Care – 2 can help with:
– Migraines
– Fatigue
– Fibromyalgia
– High Blood Pressure
– Digestive Issues

Chiropractor Care – 3 can help with:
– Numbness & Tingling
– Sciatica
– Menstrual Pain
– Ulcers
– Stress
– Vertigo
Again, we’ve listed the extensive benefits of chiropractor care elsewhere. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Even from this very limited list, you can see that chiropractor care is far more than just for the back and neck. Indeed, chiropractor care has the potential to bring about truly life-changing benefits. Schedule an appointment with Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins and start experiencing those benefits for yourself.

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