Do Fussy Babies Need to Be Adjusted to Help Them Sleep in Severance, CO? How Does a Chiropractor Adjust a Baby?

When your baby seems to be always fussy or unhappy, you may wonder if something is wrong. A baby, even a newborn, can have some major discomfort. You may find that feeding, cuddling and changing the bay will not remove its discomfort. The baby may be gassy or not feeling well. However, what many parents never consider is that your baby may need chiropractic adjustment. Yes, sometimes the baby’s spine and neck may be out of alignment which is not unusual, especially after birth. However, your baby cannot tell you that he or she has a head ache or its back hurts. Revelation Chiropractic will share some of the classic signs your baby needs adjustment to help parents know when their baby needs to see a chiropractor.

How Does a Chiropractor Fix Colicky Babies with Gas?

Colic is often a term used to describe an irritable baby that constantly cries and fusses for long periods of time. Often colic may be an upset stomach or gas pain. However, colic that cannot be soothed may be a sign your baby has back and or neck pain and even headaches. The baby may even have spinal tension. A chiropractor can check the baby and make the needed adjustment to relieve the spinal tension and calm the baby’s nervous system.

Can a Chiropractor Fix an Arched Back?

If your baby’s back feels stiff or the baby appears to arch its back. this is a common sign the baby is feeling pain and spinal tension. A baby should be rather relaxed and even round its back, not pull its back in and will stiffen up. If your baby is doing this. it is in pain. The pain may be due to a spinal misalignment.

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Help with Constipation?

The spine is the body’s primary nervous system, meaning it can have an effect on the body’s various internal systems, including digestion. It may be surprising for some parents to learn that their baby may have constipation problems due to a misalignment in their spine. If your baby is having constipation problems, you will want to consult your pediatrician. Your baby may need probiotics. There are some tummy techniques that can help which your doctor may share with you. However, also have your baby checked by a chiropractor and see if a spinal adjustment may be the answer.

Can Chiropractic Adjustments Help Breastfeeding & Latching?

If feeding time appears to be difficult or uncomfortable for the baby, this may be a sign the baby has a problem. When a baby has a hard time turning their head to latch on to the mother, the baby’ neck may be having a hard time rotating. The problem may be with the neck or upper back that is out of alignment.

Can a Chiropractor Fix a Baby’s Head Tilt?

If the baby’s head seems to only turn or tilt to one side, this may be a case of Torticollis which is a condition that restricts the baby’s neck. This condition can often be corrected with chiropractic adjustments. The proper adjustment will allow the baby more free movement in the neck and both sides.

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If your baby has one or more of these signs or symptoms, come on down to Revelation Chiropractic. We will provide examination of the baby and gently make the needed adjustments for your baby. For quality chiropractic services, contact Revelation Chiropractic today.

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