Do You Consider Your Health as Your Greatest Asset?

If somoeone asked you, what is your most important asset, what do you think you would say? I continue to see people who are retired having the house, car, money, and everything else they are told to prepare for, yet don’t have health. What good is all of these things if you don’t have health? Research continues to reveal that most people don’t just wake up with thyroid problems, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, etc. These diseases have taken in most cases at least 10 years to express themselves within the body. This xray below shows severe arthritis/degenerative disc disease in the L5/S1 disc. Orthopedic textbooks tell us this problem takes at least 20 years to show up on a xray.

Labeled X-ray

We are always explaining to our practice members TIME and REPETITION is the most important way to think about improving or worsening your health. Most people think disease is genetic and there’s nothing they can do to stay away from the diagnosis at some point in their life! The study of epigenetics is revealing to us that 90% of our what our genes produce in your body is related to the environment your cell is in. The most important thing to always remember with anything in life, consistency over time is KEY! It took years of wear and tear on your joints to produce the pain. It will take diligence to work out and make the dietary changes to reach the fitness goals you may have. Diet and exercise are important for your health, but the most important aspect of health is the communication of your nervous system with every muscle, cell, and organ in your body. This is chiropractic’s main focus with all of our practice members. Dorland’s Medical Textbook tells us, “An intact nervous system will lead to the optimal function of the human body.” Most people do not realize that our only job as your chiropractor, is to remove any interference to the central nervous system so you can adapt and heal exactly the way you were created to. Chiropractic, like diet and exercise, yields its highest results when applied over time! This starts at birth and continues throughout our lives. If only we took care of our spine the same way we think about our teeth, we would be a more healthy community! God bless – Dr. C.

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