How Chiropractic Care Can Reduce Injuries For Runners

Chiropractors do a lot more than just give your back a crack. We’re highly trained professionals with a deep understanding of the musculoskeletal and central nervous system. More so, we understand how the body works holistically, and our work supports your entire body’s function, not just your back.

Plus, when you visit Revelation Chiropractic, you don’t need to worry about popping and cracking. We use the revolutionary torque release technique to perform adjustments, which utilizes a special tool called the Integrator to perform adjustments without popping or twisting. The Integrator allows the nervous system to better integrate and understand the new corrective information, meaning your spinal corrections don’t stop after you leave the chiropractor’s table.

Learn more about how chiropractic care can reduce runners’ injuries and schedule an appointment with our Fort Collins chiropractor today!

What Causes Misalignment Problems?

Malalignment of the spine or other parts of the musculoskeletal system can put tension on another part of the body, causing pain. For example, if you have a chronic IT band problem — something that many runners have issues with — it’s important to make sure that your pelvis is in alignment. Otherwise, the misaligned pelvis could cause more strain to that IT band.

After a chiropractor realigns your spine, it’s important to do your best to keep your body in alignment. Improper alignment can be caused by running in the same direction on the same surface every day. Running on a slanted surface can also cause misalignment. You should also replace your shoes every few hundred miles. Try to run on different surfaces, like pavement, a track, dirt, wood chips etc. and switch between two pairs of the same running shoes.

IT Band Syndrome

IT band syndrome (ITBS) is a common runner’s injury, and one we see in many of our patients. ITBS can be excruciating, but because it directly affects the muscles, it can be helped by chiropractic care — which focuses on healing the musculoskeletal system. When diagnosed and treated early, chiropractic care can help reduce the chances of ITBS becoming a chronic condition.

Many runners find relief by stretching, icing, or using heat on their IT band, but these are just ways to ease the pain. Chiropractic adjustments get to the heat of the problem, which is often misalignment in your pelvic and lower spine. If you’ve been suffering from ITBS or are having other knee pain, schedule an appointment at Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins.

Runner’s Knee

One of the sources of runner’s knee is poor alignment, and a chiropractor can help! Chiropractic care helps keep your body moving efficiently, allowing it to better handle the loads and stresses you place on it every single day, whether that is repetitive motion like typing or training for a marathon. Our trained chiropractor can help identify muscle imbalances or joint restrictions, helping to reduce pain and prevent injuries from getting worse.

Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins

Our team of chiropractors helps Fort Collins runners every single day with injuries like ITBD and runner’s knee. If you’re suffering from these problems or lower back pain, spinal pain, or other central nervous pain, our chiropractors can help. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan to help support your training or resolve your condition!

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