How Does a Chiropractor Fix a Tilted Pelvis in Wellington, CO? Can You Realign Your Pelvis?

If you are someone that struggles with lower back pain, there is a chance that you suffer from a pelvic tilt that is making it so. This means that your spine and your pelvis aren’t aligned. There are different kinds of pelvic tilts and it’s important that you understand which one you’re dealing with so that you can work to fix the problem and fix your pain. Revelation Chiropractic is here to talk about pelvic tilts and how chiropractors can work to help solve this painful problem for you.

How Do You Know if You have Anterior or Posterior Pelvic Tilt?

There are two different types of pelvic tilt. We would like to explain the difference between them.
– Anterior Pelvic Tilt: If you struggle with an anterior pelvic tilt, it means that the front of your pelvic is rotated downward and the back of the pelvis is higher than it should be. If you have an excessive curve in your lower back, this is what you’re working with.
– Posterior Pelvic Tilt: When you have a posterior pelvic tilt, you have a pelvis that is sitting up in the front and down in the back. This also puts strain on the lower back by pressure on the lumbar spine. It is usually obvious to those that feel a stiffness throughout the entire lower back area.

What Problems Can a Tilted Pelvis Cause?

There are several factors that make having a pelvic tilt of any kind a problem. Here are some complications from this common issue:
– Poor Posture: When your pelvis and your spine aren’t aligned, it can lead to posture problems and pain. Sitting for long periods of time or slouching can cause this.
– Undetected Pelvic Misalignment: Injuries or falls can often lead to a pelvic tilt when they aren’t treated properly.
– Muscle Imbalances: If you don’t have a strong core and your muscles aren’t working together, your pelvis doesn’t have the support it needs to stay in alignment.
– Lifestyle Factors: If you are overweight or obese, there is a greater chance that you are going to struggle with a pelvic tilt of some kind.

How Does a Chiropractor Fix Pelvic Tilt?

When you work with a chiropractor to help solve your back pain that is caused by a pelvic tilt, they will not only offer your adjustments that will help your spine and pelvis find that alignment again, but they will also work with you to find the underlying cause for the tilt in the first place. They will help reduce your pain and improve your posture.

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