How Effective is Torque Release Technique in Fort Collins, CO? Gentle, Precision Adjustments, Long Lasting Pain Relief & More

When most people think of a chiropractor, they often imagine their body being manually adjusted with twisting and turning movements. However, manual adjustments are not for everyone, and chiropractor knows this. There are many forms of chiropractic techniques and some use very gentle methods for readjustments. Torque release is one of the more gentle forms or chiropractic adjustments and care. Revelation Chiropractic would like to share the many benefits of the Torque Release Technique.

Torque Release Technique is Gentle

One of the first benefits that often comes to mind with torque release technique, is that it is very gentle. Torque release technique is perfect for those with injuries, the elderly and even for babies. Torque release technique is a specialized medical instrument or tool called an Integrator. The Integrator is an FDA approved tool that a chiropractor uses to perform gentle adjustments to the spine. There is no need for pushing, twisting or any other manual adjustment that most people think of. The integrator gently applies pressure to the spine, restoring the spine to its neutral position. For those who need a more gentle approach to the spine’s realignment torque release technique is one of the most gentle methods used by chiropractors.

Precision Adjustments

The integrator tool helps the chiropractor pinpoint the spot of the spine that needs adjusting. Sometimes it can be hard to find the precise spot in a spine. The integrator tool ensures the Doctor locates the right spot and performs the needed adjustment. Where manual adjustment is still used and is very successful, it may miss the exact area that needs adjusting. With Torque Release Technique it pinpoints the site and ensures you get the adjustment your body needs.

Torque Release Technique is Fast & Effective

There are those who find they need frequent adjustments. Needing to seek the chiropractor frequently can become a major investment of your time. Luckily, torque release technique is very fast and gives an accurate adjustment within three to five minutes. Not only is Torque Release Technique fast, but it is also effective and will bring you great results. When you need fast and effective results, Torque Release Technique can deliver.

Long Lasting Pain Relief

Some chiropractic techniques along with massage therapy will sometimes provide you with just a short time of pain relief and then the pain often comes back. After a Torque Release session, you will be pain free and the results will last much longer. Most patients notice pain relief almost immediately and in some cases their pain doesn’t come back. In most cases the adjustment are permanent unless an injury occurred which caused the spine to become out of alignment. For long lasting adjustment while you finally get some pain relief, torque release technique can provide the results you are wishing for.

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Torque release technique is a modernized chiropractic method that can provide accurate and long lasting benefits. If you need a spinal adjustment or have the need to see a chiropractor that provides torque release technique, we here at Revelation Chiropractic can help you. We provide Torque Release Technique and other chiropractic services. To make an appointment, contact Revelation Chiropractic today.

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