Identity Theft & Chiropractic

“Hi Gary, it’s great to see you; grab a table!” I greeted my long-time practice member as he entered the adjusting area in our center. “I hope you can help me, Doc,” Gary grumbled, “I’m really not feeling like myself today.” “Aaahhh, another victim of identity theft here for some help!” I answered. “Lie down and let’s see what we can do to get you back to being YOU again.”

Have you ever had this experience of not feeling like yourself? Have you found there are days when you are not as happy as you should be, less energetic, friendly or helpful; more selfish, short-tempered, and worrisome than you would like? Of course you have, we all have. What is it that causes us to feel and act this way? The answer is very simple…this is the result when we have been overwhelmed by some kind of physical, chemical, mental or emotional stress, and we have shifted from thriving to simply trying to survive. For many, this has become so common that they may have actually forgotten what it feels like to BE themselves!

It takes 3 things to regain, maintain and continually increase your ability to effectively handle all of the various stresses in your life; 1) a Deliberate and Positive Focus (what’s right, what you have to be grateful for, and what you want to see happen); 2) a Healthy Lifestyle that minimizes toxins and supplies your cells with everything they need to function optimally; and 3), a Clear Neurological Connection between your brain and all the parts of your body. A clear brain-body connection is necessary not only so that every cell can function individually at its best, but also so that all the cells, tissues, organs and organ systems can function harmoniously together. You see…

The stronger your brain-body CONNECTION is, the stronger you are.

Because of the elaborate and intimate connections between your brain, your spinal cord and your spinal column, your spine must be functioning properly in order to maintain the integrity of your brain-body connection. A program of chiropractic care will help restore function to your spine and therefore help re-establish your brain-body CONNECTION. And, making getting adjusted a part of your regular wellness routine (every week or two after completing your initial program) will help you maintain that connection, so you can continually move toward feeling and being your best, no matter what life throws your way!

Graphic showcasing a quoteSo stay focused on moving toward what you want, instead of always trying to avoid what you don’t want. Begin making choices in your lifestyle that you know will progressively increase your energy. And most important of all, make sure your spine stays optimally aligned and functioning. Don’t let a loss of focus, good lifestyle choices or spinal function and connection STEAL your identity! Your family, friends, co-workers and community are all waiting for you to show up and share your gifts!

It is only when you are at your best physically, that you can be your best mentally and emotionally. It is only then that you can move from just surviving to thriving again; that you can shift from just getting through the day, to GIVING TO the day.
It is only then that you can truly be…YOURSELF!

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