Proper Driving Seat Position in Windsor, CO; Should You Sit High or Low & More to Avoid Back Pain?

There are many people that spend countless hours in their car every day. If you are feeling pain every time you are driving your vehicle, it can leave you feeling miserable. The way that you are sitting in your car can have a big impact on how you feel. Your driving posture is something that you want to pay attention to when you’re spending countless hours driving in your vehicle. Revelation Chiropractic is here to talk about what the correct driving position looks like to help you avoid feeling pain while you’re driving.

What is the Proper Way to Seat in a Car?

If you haven’t ever given much thought to the way you’re sitting while driving, it’s time to take a closer look at what that should look like.
– Seat Height: You need to make sure that your seta height is in a position so that you aren’t straining your neck to see over the dashboard. If you have your seat at the appropriate height, you aren’t needing to hunch over the steering wheel or reaching in any way to put your hands on it. Your feet should also sit flat on the floor.
– Seat Position: Not only is the seat height something that needs to be adjusted, but the distance from the steering wheel should be just right as well. You may also be able to tilt your seat to help you reach the gas and brake pedals without straining. You shouldn’t feel like there is any pressure on any part of your body.
– Back Support: If you struggle with back pain, you will want to make sure that your back is supported as well. Take advantage of any lumbar support that your seat provides. Think about the curve of your spine as you find the right amount of support. If your seat doesn’t have any lumbar support, you may look into using a towel or cushion to provide you with that needed support.
– Adjust the Headrest: Depending on your height, you may need to make adjustments to the headrest at the top of your seat. You want to be able to comfortably rest your head while you’re driving without feeling that you’re straining the neck in a hunched over position or straining it backward.
– Steering Wheel Adjustments: You want to have a bend in your arms as you are reaching out to grab the steering wheel. If it seems like a stretch, consider moving the steering wheel closer to your body. You may need to move the steering wheel up and down as well to make sure that you’re not straining your shoulders while driving.

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If you are struggling with pain when you’re driving no matter what changes you make to your driving position, it may be time to call on Revelation Chiropractic to help you feel better with a spinal adjustment. After your adjustment, you can make adjustments to your driving position to help feel better. Call us today!

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