Gracie L

April 8, 2022

I have had chronic pain for 16 years, and have been seeing a chiropractor regularly for 14 of those. Dr. Chad is my fifth chiropractor I have seen with any regularity, and he is far and away the most effective.

Most chiropractic offices I have been to ask me to fill out paperwork for each visit regarding my pain levels and regions of discomfort. Dr. Chad does not seem to require such intake paperwork— instead, he uses my body’s reactions to his touch to determine where he needs to work. I am unsure how he does this, but my problem areas have always been addressed without my input. I also appreciate the use of the activator as opposed to manual adjustments. I have had adjustments with activators on my jaw many times, but my neck and back are in better shape than ever— without any anxiety I get from manual adjustments.

Specifically, I want to speak to my adjustment today, because I’ve never been so impressed with chiropractic care. I see Dr. Chad every two weeks, and for the past twelve days have felt like I had a muscle knot pressing on my diaphragm. I couldn’t get full, deep breaths— it was miserable. I was sure I needed a massage, but in the current environment, that is not really possible. I went in today, and one click of the activator on my neck, and I could breathe! It has been 8 hours since my adjustment, and I have not needed any ibuprofen or acetaminophen in that time. I feel such relief— I will be a patient of Dr. Chad’s for a long time.

The front desk staff is also delightful and incredibly helpful— the whole office is great. Five stars!

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