The Benefits of Office Massage

Many folks (if not most folks) in the U.S. have to struggle with a job that is largely sedentary. Whether we’re sitting in an office or a cubicle, many people are stuck in an office chair, staring at the white glow of a computer screen for huge chunks of their day. This type of sedentary work environment can take a serious toll on our bodies and minds.

If you happen to be one of those people with this type of office job, have you ever dreamed of getting a massage during the middle of your work day? This might sound like the stuff of pure fantasy — but it most certainly is not! Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins can make this dream a reality. Our chiropractic office offers a service where our massage therapist will visit your Fort Collins business and provide relaxation, stress-relief, and all the other benefits that accompany high-quality massage therapy. Let’s look at some of these benefits now.

Decreased Stress

As we discussed in a previous blog post, massage therapy can work wonders when it comes to stress-relief. This can go a long way in increasing energy levels and decreasing a variety of health issues, including physical pain like headaches.

Improvements in Posture

Part of what makes an office lifestyle so dangerous is the stress we put on our spines. Clacking away on that keyboard all day can lead us to hunching our shoulders and curving our backs. Bringing massage therapy into the office can help workers sit up straight, improving both posture and stamina.

Better Attitudes

Posture isn’t the only thing that will improve with our office massage therapy services; so will office morale! There’s a reason why the idea of getting a massage at work seems too good to be true: it can melt the stress away and make people feel happier, healthier, more collaborative, and, ultimately, more productive. This is an autocatalytic cycle that will spark throughout the office, leaving everyone to reap the benefits.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Massage therapy in the office means healthier employees. Healthier employees means less money spent on healthcare costs. This is a benefit to absolutely everyone, both within the company and without. Families will certainly be appreciative of having fewer doctor’s visits.

Looks Great for Potential Employees

If you’re in a highly-competitive field, getting that star employee award can be vital. Your office will certainly set itself apart by having a massage therapist on hand. Massage therapy can be so coveted that it might cause a huge influx of prospective employees.

Fort Collins Massage Therapy

The benefits of our office massage therapy are vast. Visit our office massage therapy page for more details on what we offer, including pricing and more. We would love to discuss options with your HR department, and please keep in mind that your Health Saving Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts might be able to be used toward massage therapy. Contact Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins to learn more.

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