What Causes Your Spine to Be Misaligned in Severance, CO? Bad Posture, Trauma & More

When you develop a spinal misalignment, you will experience discomfort, pain, and stiffness. Prolonged misalignment can develop into much bigger problems including nerve damage. When you feel you have a spinal misalignment, it is important to go to your doctor and or chiropractor to get adjustment and realignment. Depending on the person’s life style or medical conditions, a misalignment can be caused by a number of different things. Revelation Chiropractic would like to share some of the common causes for spinal misalignment and when you should receive proper care.

Is a Misaligned Spine Common? What are the Common Causes?

Bad Posture – Bad or poor posture is one of the most common causes of spinal misalignment. When sitting or standing for long periods of time with a bad or poor posture, it can put strain on the spine. Stress often causes the spine to become misaligned as well.
Trauma or Injury – Trauma or sudden injury to the spine from a car accident, fall, or other similar situations can cause the spine to become misaligned. When trauma is the cause of a misalignment this is often referred to as a vertebral subluxation.
Repetitive Stress Injuries – Repetitive stress injuries is referred to as repetitive motion such as bending or twisting. This can also cause the spine to become misaligned. For those who do a lot of repetitive motion particularly in the spine and neck, it can and often does develop into misalignment problems.
Herniated Discs – A herniated disc is a condition in which the soft tissue or padding between the vertebrae in the spine are pushed out of place. When the padding is pushed out of place it can cause the spine to become misaligned.
Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is a medical condition where the bones becomes very brittle and weak. Osteoporosis makes the bone prone to frequent fractures. Osteoporosis can also cause the spine to become misaligned which leads to the need for frequent realignment.
Degenerative Disc Disease – Degenerative disc disease is another medical condition where the discs that are in between the vertebrae in the spine begins to break down over time. As the discs break down the spine can come out of proper alignment. Those with degenerative disc disease will often need to see a chiropractor due to this unfortunate condition that comes with age.
Scoliosis – Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves to the side. Because the spine is already unnaturally curved, they are more prone to misalignment and back pain.

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Spinal misalignment can cause a variety of symptoms, including pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion. When you notice that you have any of these symptoms, it is important to contact your doctor. They can determine if you are misaligned and need realignment corrections. Once your spine is out of misalignment you will want to contact a chiropractor who can help restore your spine’s natural alignment. Chiropractors often work with primary care doctors to help aid and care for the patient’s spine, neck and more. If you are looking for a quality chiropractic service, contact Revelation Chiropractic and make an appointment today.

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