What is the History of Chiropractic Care in Wellington, CO? Origin of Chiropractors & How Treatment has Changed

Chiropractic is a well-known and trusted practice that helps relieve pain and to make proper bodily adjustment and realignments. However, have you ever wondered how chiropractic ever got started? If you have never considered the history or evolution of chiropractic before, you might be surprised to learn about the origins of chiropractic. Revelation Chiropractic would like to dive into the amazing history of chiropractic care!

Origins of Chiropractic Care& How it has Changed Over Time

The concept and development of chiropractic care was first established just before the 20th century. However, chiropractic medicine is actually much older but not in the term as we know it today. Chiropractic in a more crude form was first started a long time ago by a Greek physician named Hippocrates who died in 360 B.C. During his life he was one of the first medical practitioners that talked about manual spine manipulation and adjustments. In his writing, he greatly credited spinal care to health improvement and its many benefits. In his writing he describes how he performed spinal adjustment, which is surprisingly similar to how chiropractors do it today. Hippocrates’ medical influence and praise of spinal care and adjustment spread throughout the world. The next time we see spinal manipulation and adjustment during the ancient culture was within the Buddhist temples. Some Buddhist temples that are over 2000 years old have image depictions of procedures that resemble manual spinal adjustment. As spinal manipulation, adjustment and care spread, it eventually made its way to America. It was in America that chiropractic took its first and earliest form during the 20th century.

Daniel David Palmer; Father of Modern Day Chiropractors

The father of modern day chiropractic is Daniel David Palmer. It was Palmer who believed in chiropractic and sought to create a platform for chiropractic care to develop. Palmer first learned about the health benefits of spinal manipulation and adjustment because of Harvey Lillard and his amazing results and recovery. Harvey Lillard was a janitor at Daniel Palmer’s medical practice. It is said that Lillard was deaf on one side due to a spinal injury. Palmer performed a spinal adjustment on Lillard and immediately his hearing was restored. With such amazing results, Palmer developed a deep belief in chiropractic. In time, a friend of Palmer’s who was named Reverend Samuel Weed helped Palmer create a name for spinal adjustment and manipulations. Weed combined Greek terms Cheir which means hand and praktos which means done. The two translates to “done by hand.” In putting the two terms together, we have cheir-praktos or better known as chiropractic. With so much success, chiropractic began getting more and more attention, evolving new methods and techniques. Chiropractic is a recognized medical practice that can help relieve pain and improve daily life. Chiropractic is used worldwide and improves mobility, balance reduces pain and more.

Chiropractic Care & Therapy in Fort Collins, CO (Just Minutes from Loveland, Berthoud, Johnstown, Windsor and Wellington, Colorado)

Chiropractic goes back much further than most people realize. Chiropractic are full of amazing recovery stories. Chiropractic do not just help the back. The spine houses the body’s nervous system, so when there is a problem in the spine it can cause pain throughout the entire body. If you discover you need spinal realignments, contact Revelation Chiropractic and make an appointment today.

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