Why Did I Get a Headache After My Chiropractic Neck & Spinal Adjustment in Loveland, CO?

When you are experiencing chronic pain throughout your body, you will do just about anything to get rid of it. Many people rely on a chiropractor to help them get rid of chronic pain. Through small adjustments to the body, people can see a significant improvement in how their body feels. It can even have an impact on mental health and other health benefits as well. Rarely, when some people get adjusted, they experience a phenomenon where they feel a headache for a time afterwards. Revelation Chiropractic is here to talk about why this happens.

Why Do I have a Headache After Neck & Spinal Adjustment?

For the most part, people get adjustments to help eliminate things like headaches. However, when you feel a headache after an adjustment, it can be caused by a couple of different things.
– Muscle Tension & Stress Relief: One of the biggest benefits that come from an adjustment is the release of tension in muscles. While it is great to have this tension quickly released, it can trigger temporary discomfort that some people interpret as a headache.
– Spinal Misalignment Correction: A main focus for chiropractors is to ensure the spine is aligned. When these misalignments are corrected, it can help to alleviate pain that is caused by nerve communication issues. If you are feeling a headache, it can be caused by the body reacquainting itself with corrected posture after being misaligned for sometimes years.
– Released Toxins: When an adjustment is made, it can have a deep impact on the body. This can lead to increased circulation of blood vessels which can stimulate the release of toxins from muscles and tissues throughout the body. Detoxification is essential to our health, but sometimes a headache is a common symptom that patients complain about during the detoxification process.

What Gets Rid of Headaches Quickly After a Chiropractic Adjustment?

If you are experiencing headaches after an adjustment, there are several things that you can do to to help them go away quicker.
– Stay Hydrated: Water can have a huge impact on a headache. It is crucial that you stay hydrated after an adjustment to help flush the toxins out of your body. Hydration, coupled with rest, will help your body recover much faster.
– Gentle Stretches: When you are experiencing a headache after an adjustment, sometimes gentle stretching and relaxation can help it go away.
– Over the Counter Pain Relief: There are over the counter pain relievers that can help to temporarily fix a headache. You should always remember to work with a healthcare professional before using any medications of any kind though.

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