Why is it Important to See a Chiropractor for Whiplash Injury, Pain or Discomfort After a Car Accident in Berthoud, CO?

After you were in a car accident and even if you felt okay, it is often recommended that you see a chiropractor. Even mild discomfort can be a sign of misalignment. If left alone the problem will only get worse. There are many reasons and benefits why seeing a chiropractor after a car accident is recommended. To better understand why you should consider seeing a chiropractor if you were in a recent car accident, Revelation Chiropractic would like to share how a chiropractor can help you recover better.

How Do You Know if Whiplash Injury or Pain is Serious?

Before we get started, if you were in a car accident and are in any amount of pain at all, go to the emergency room! It is important to make sure there is no life threatening injuries and that you are in good health. Once your health has been properly accessed by a doctor, and you find you have some pain and discomfort after your accident, seeing a chiropractor may be exactly what you need.

Should I Go to the Chiropractor if I’m Not in Pain?

If you are in mild pain or even in no pain it is a good idea to see a chiropractor. Many car accident injuries do not cause pain or discomfort until weeks after the accident. If you wait too long after an accident to get your problems dealt with, you may find you have lost your right to insurance coverage. To make sure you get coverage, make sure to see a chiropractor no longer than two week after the accident. Going to the hospital or your primary care doctor is the best way to protect your insurance rights. However, if no major injuries can be found and you are still in pain, your next step is to see a chiropractor. Both your primary care doctor as well as the hospital care can overlook certain problems. Getting a second opinion will only benefit you. A doctor is looking for major problems such as internal bleeding, broken or fractured bones or concussions. They are not looking for spinal misalignment or other similar problems that a chiropractor will be able to detect.

Can a Chiropractor Diagnose Injuries?

A chiropractor is trained to detect hidden injuries. They can perform orthopedic and neurological tests to detect any tissue damage, bone or structure damage, muscle strength, reduced range of motion, joint or nerve damages and more. If the chiropractor discovers any problems as a result of the accident, they will begin to plan out your personalized recovery plan. This plan may include chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massages and or trigger point therapy. Your chiropractor will access your body’s needs, and make sure the health of your spine, and the surrounding tissue and muscles are properly cared for. The goal is to get you pain free and have full mobility.

Chiropractic Care in Fort Collins, CO (Just Minutes from Loveland, Berthoud, Johnstown, Windsor and Wellington, Colorado)

There are a lot of reasons why you will want to see a chiropractor after an accident. Dr. Chad is a specialist in the health and care of your spine and mobility. After seeing your primary care doctor and you want additional help recovering after a car accident, contact Revelation Chiropractic and schedule an appointment today.

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