Above, Down, Inside and Out: How Spinal Alignment Affects Your Health, Part III

Part 3: Lumbar Health

Taking medication might seem like the only solution when you’re dealing with stubborn symptoms, but did you know chiropractic care can help? The nerves that travel through the lumbar (low-back) section of your spine control many of your vital organs, and misalignments in that area can be the culprits of many painful issues. Here are our top four health issues caused by misaligned vertebrae in the lumbar area and how chiropractic can help you get relief:


When your nerves are pinched and can’t send signals they way they were designed to, all kinds of problems can form. Taking laxatives may help the problem temporarily, but often times that doesn’t address the real cause of the problem. No matter what is causing your constipation, unlocking your body’s potential to communicate with the muscles and cells in your gut can really
improve frustrating symptoms!


Ulcerative colitus is a condition where there are painful sores in the large intestine, often because the body’s immune system is attacking the bacteria found there. When a chiropractor removes the interference, the body can be able to send correct signals and not battle itself anymore!


Many important nerves for reproductive function are found in the lumbar area of the spine, and if there are misalignments blocking the nerve’s ability to communicate, it can result in many different problems and greater amounts of pain. Many menstrual problems such as intense cramping and irregular periods can be greatly helped and reduced by regular chiropractic care!


If you’re having low back pain and have to take a pain pill, the problem isn’t that your body is deficient in pain medication, right? The real problem lies with the structural misalignment in your spine. Having a chiropractor correct those misalignments can relieve your low back pain long-term, rather than the short-term relief of medications. With routine examinations and adjustments, your chiropractor will be able to begin correcting the effects of pinched nerves and misaligned vertebrae in the lumbar area of your spine. If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, taking medication may just be covering up the problem, not fixing it. Be sure to reach out to us here at Revelation Chiropractic we can help you begin experiencing the effects of better health immediately!

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