Chiropractic Care while I am Pregnant?

YES! Chiropractic care during pregnancy is very important because women are going through a period of rapid development with many hormonal and physiological changes; it is essential to be under good care. Chiropractic care allows optimal physical development of the growing fetus. About 50% of pregnant females have low-back and/or hip pain due to problems with ligament laxity. Chiropractic care can help reduce these problems in a non-invasive way.

In addition, chiropractic has also been able to help with:

– decreasing labor time by 25-30%.

– decreasing the chance of birth trauma.

– decreasing the likelihood of breech presentation.

The Fort Collins mothers out there reading this who have never received chiropractic care while pregnant or how it works feel left out on the blessing of the power of adjustments during this crucial time in their family’s lives. Read below this amazing testimony about not just pregnancy, but family corrective chiropractic care for optimal health!

Meet the Barron’s, now a family of 5, who are committed to Chiropractic Care for the overall health of their entire family; treatment of occasional illnesses like flu, cough, cold, etc. for kids and parents; occasional tight jaw; pregnancy care.

Carly’s third pregnancy brought on the normal aches and pains associated with pregnancy. She came in to see Dr. Chad regularly during her entire pregnancy to help keep those typical discomforts to a minimum. When she was 40 weeks pregnant, she received her final chiropractic adjustment and went into labor that night…which Dr. Chad told her would happen! Not only did she go into labor that night, but she had a picture perfect labor and delivery.

“My Labor was a total of 4 hours and 10 minutes and only 2 hours of it being active labor. I was able to heal very quickly and continue to receive care for ongoing wellness.”

Carly has been to other chiropractors as well but states this about our office, “The initial presentation and chiropractic evaluation was very thorough and informative.” I haven’t experienced that with any of the previous chiropractors I’ve seen. They are so kind, genuine, helpful, and always there when an unexpected adjustment is needed. We are so Grateful!”

Come find out how our kids are living happy, healthy, and drug-free lives the way God intended. At Revelation Chiropractic, we are fully committed to helping you and your family reach your potential in life. Let us help you get on the road to reach your family’s peak function. We can bless you with a complimentary family consultation by mentioning this article. Call (970) 235-2676 as we are accepting new practice members!

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