Falling Into Your Best With Chiropractic

With every new season change, there’s a chance to start thinking about other changes that might need to happen in our lives. Do we need to be spending more time with family? Working towards a new goal? What about our commitments to our health?

Here at Revelation Chiropractic, our favorite thing is helping our Fort Collins clients make the health changes that will be most effective in life — whether at work, home, or play. We often get a lot of questions about how to mix healthy choices in with the regular labor of life, so here are a couple of our favorite tips on how to labor well this fall! And if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our chiropractors, contact us today!

Question #1: Can A Chiropractor Help Me During My Pregnancy?

Yes! Consistent chiropractic care during pregnancy is vital because it is an important time of rapid development for both you and your baby.

Keeping your spine aligned and your nervous system communicating well allows for optimal development for baby, but it can also be a huge help to you as your body navigates all the hormonal and physiological changes that come with pregnancy.

About 50% of pregnant women have low-back and/or hip pain due to problems with ligament laxity. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help reduce these problems in a non-invasive way!

In addition, chiropractors have also been able to help with:

Decreasing labor time by 25-30%
Decreasing the chance of birth trauma
Decreasing the likelihood of breech presentation
Keeping you and your baby at optimal health is an important part of taking the stress out of this wonderful season of your life. Get scheduled for an adjustment with Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins to help you fall into your best this autumn!

Question #2: Can Chiropractic Care Help Me Deal With Stress?

Definitely! Stress is constantly building up in your body and can wreak havoc on your health if not dealt with. Coming in for chiropractic adjustments routinely can help your body take physical, mental, and even emotional stress in stride.

Our Fort Collins chiropractors can also help with anxiety and sleep issues. Here is what one of our patients has said after staying consistent with their care!

“I’ve gotten less anxious and get to sleep easier. It’s easier to breathe and less painful. I’ve improved and it’s honestly made everything easier for me. I look forward to showing up [to appointments]!”

Regular adjustments can make a huge difference in how well you’re laboring this year, so don’t forget to give one of our Fort Collins chiropractors a call. Thank you for letting us at Revelation Chiropractic be a part of helping your family fall into your best this season!

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