Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

One of specialties here at Revelation Chiropractic is caring for women during pregnancy. We feel honored to play a role in your pregnancy by helping you find relief from back pain. Pregnancy, while a beautiful thing, can also be emotionally taxing. Pregnancy also takes a toll on your body — after all, you’re growing a new human inside of you!

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the unique challenges pregnancy puts on your spine and nervous system as well as how regular chiropractic adjustments can help you be more comfortable during your pregnancy. Read to learn more or contact our Fort Collins office — we’re always happy to talk with you about how adjusts can help you live a happier, healthier life!

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is tough on your back! As your baby grows, the stress of carrying that weight is transferred to your body — primarily to your back. Women typically gain 25 – 35 pounds during pregnancy, and the pelvis and back support that additional weight.

Pregnancy also shifts your center of balance. You’ve probably seen the way women in the later stages of pregnancy lean backward to counteract the weight in their stomach. In fact, pregnancy is a time to be extra aware of your balance when doing things like walking down stairs and stepping off of curbs.

During pregnancy, hormones surge through your body to prepare for bringing a new life into the world. One of the hormones that your body makes during pregnancy (and there are a lot!) is relaxing. This hormone allows the pelvic area to relax and the ligiminates in the pelvis soften, allowing your body to make space for your child’s body. While this miraculous hormone is necessary for your body, it can also lead to back and lower body pain, which a chiropractor is trained to help alleviate.

Everyone who experiences stress can also develop back pain, especially if you’re suffering from emotional stress. Pregnancy can be a stressful time! You might be worrying more about how to care for the new life you’re bringing into the world. If you’re becoming a mother for the first time, you may have even more anxiety around the entire process. That emotional stress can manifest as back pain or back spasms. Revelation Chiropractic understands how spinal pain is deeply rooted in emotion and stress, and we’re proud to help your clients relax through chiropractic adjustments.

Is Chiropractic Adjustment During Pregnancy Safe?

The short answer: yes! We always use an adjusting table to accommodate your growing belly and we use specialized techniques that don’t put pressure on the abdomen. Of course, you should always get your doctor’s approval before seeing a chiropractor — your doctor knows you and your pregnancy best! We would never perform an adjustment if we thought it was unsafe, and we don’t recommend visiting Revelation Chiropractor if you’re experiencing any bleeding or placenta abruption.

Did you know that more than 1 million chiropractic adjustments are given every day around the world? Complications are very rare because chiropractic care does not involve drugs or surgery. Instead, think of it like physical therapy, where stretching and adjusting reduces the stress on your spine and nervous system. Our goal is to promote your health throughout your entire body by focusing on our area of expertise — your spine.

It’s safe for women to visit a chiropractor at any point during their pregnancy, or to schedule regular visits throughout. Chiropractic adjustments can help anyone — not just pregnant women — find relief from pain. Here at Revelation Chiropractic, we’re passionate about using our chiropractic skills to help encourage our patient’s bodies to heal naturally! And we believe that healing naturally during pregnancy is even more important. If you’re at all concerned about the safety of chiropractic care during pregnancy, don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re happy to talk with you about our process!

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

One of the biggest benefits of seeing a chiropractor is that regular adjustments can help keep your pelvis aligned. Not only will a misaligned pelvis cause you pain and put stress on your lower back, it can also make it hard for you to have a natural birth. A balanced pelvis encourages your baby to move into the best delivery position: rear-facing, and head down..

When you’re pregnant, it can be very difficult to feel comfortable. Your body is changing, and it’s difficult to adjust to those changes! You may find it more difficult to sleep or to do your day-to-day activities. Chiropractic care can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and help support the baby’s delivery.

Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins

Our chiropractors are passionate about pregnant women finding relief from pain. Long-standing postural problems can take a long time to heal, but we can recommend exercises to strengthen your core and assist you with choosing postures that you can hold during your daily activities.

Ultimately, we want to help you be as comfortable as possible during your pregnancy so you can focus on preparing for your child’s birth! Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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