Have a Healthy Back-To-School!

Soccer practice, basketball games, track meets; it’s that time of year again! Being involved in school sports is really good for you, but are you keeping up with the stress it’s putting on your body? Make sure your body performs at it’s best this season with some of our top tips for Back-To-Sports (and school) health!

Sports Physicals

You know you can depend on Revelation Chiropractic for a great adjustment, but did you know we also do sports physicals? Help your children get ready for the season by setting up a sports physical with us.

Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

If you want to have an advantage against the constant parade of colds and flu bugs this school year, chiropractic is a must! Here’s how it works: The nerves in the top of your neck are your brain’s communication network to your immune system. If the vertebrae in your neck are misaligned, those nerves can get pinched and can’t send messages as well. If your immune system isn’t getting messages to fight off that chest cold, your symptoms can drag on for way longer than they would have if your spine was aligned. Getting regular and consistent adjustments this school year can help you put less focus on fighting sickness and more on learning!

Healthy Sleep

Healthy sleep (and plenty of it!) is vital for your health and function. Making sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep (9 ½ hours for teens and 7-9 hours for adults) is important, but did you know getting adjusted can help you have a more restful night? According to the National Sleep Foundation, one-third of patients reported immediate sleep improvement after being adjusted.

Correcting misalignments in your spine not only reduces the pain that might be keeping you awake, but it can also help balance stress hormones that you need under control to be able to sleep better. Getting adjusted regularly is a great way to keep those z’s coming this season!

You can make this sports season the best one yet by keeping your health a priority. Thank you for letting us at Revelation Chiropractic be a part of helping your family have an awesome back-to-school!

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