Signs Of Poor Posture And How A Chiropractor Can Help

Poor posture can have many negative effects on your health and many patients who suffer from chronic pain can be helped by improving their posture. Bad posture leads to misalignment of your spine, which can put additional stress on many different areas of your body, including joints like knees.

Many of our clients come to us with lower back pain, and frequently this is caused by sitting in a chair for hours each day with poor posture. Anyone — whether they work a desk job or not — can develop bad habits when it comes to their posture and we can all work on improving how we sit, stand, and move!

One of our practice’s goals is to help our Fort Collins patients learn healthy habits and ways to maintain their spine health after they leave our office. Do you want to improve your posture? Revelation Chiropractic can help — contact us today to get started!

Why Good Posture Is Important

Posture is the position we hold our bodies in — whether we’re walking, sitting, standing, running, sleeping, or anything else we do! If you’ve played on a sports team or lifted weights in a gym, you were probably taught how to position your body to avoid injury. The same principles are true in our daily life and it’s important to be aware of what good (and bad) posture looks like.

Most of the time, we aren’t thinking about our posture. And that’s one of the reasons most of us have poor posture! Of course, our body is always working in ways that we don’t consciously ask it to. For example, our heart is beating and keeping us alive even though we aren’t consciously reminding it too. We maintain our balance in a similar way — small muscles and ligaments help hold our skeleton together and keep us upright.

Signs You Have Poor Posture

There are many indicators of poor posture, some of the most common include:
– Rounded shoulders and upper back
– Aches and pains in your ankles and knees
– Muscle fatigue
– Headache
– Lower back pain
If you’re suffering from any of these indicators, we suggest you talk to our chiropractors and schedule an appointment for a spinal examination.

How Revelation Chiropractic Can Help

Good posture is essential for good health. But bad habits are hard to break! Especially when you’ve carried them with you for years. A skilled chiropractor can help you retrain your body so that you are able to maintain proper posture. Over time, our muscles can lose flexibility and strength, and we may obtain injuries that prevent us from bearing our weight in certain ways. You may also have developed something more serious than general aches and pains, like a slipped disk or arthritis.

Our chiropractors are passionate about helping you live a happier, healthier life by reducing your pain. Long-standing postural problems can take a long time to heal, but we can recommend exercises to strengthen your core and assist you with choosing postures that you can hold during your daily activities.

Ultimately, we want to help you live your best life! Contact us today to get started on your path to healing.

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