Opioids Vs Chiropractic:

For those living with pain, there is a better solution than drugs.

The road stretched forward, wreathed in obscuring mist through the shadows. Leaves jeweled with dew glinted in the autumn dawn that struck golden shafts through the tunneled veil. For many, the path life has set before them is veiled by pain, and they cannot live their lives with joy because they are bound by the restrictions their symptoms weigh upon them. Many people are not free because of pain.

Seeking a way of escape some turn to Opioids – not realizing they are further binding themselves into addiction and hopelessness. Drugs cannot Fix the Cause of their pain – they can only Cover Up the Symptoms.

But there is hope.

Chiropractic care works from the Inside Out – going right to the Source of the Problem and realigning the vertebrae so that the body can heal itself as it was Designed to.
Recipients of Chiropractic care were found to use 55% Less opioids in one 2017 study.

Yale reported a 49% reduction in opioids for those who utilize Chiropractic.

#1 cause of disability worldwide is spinal pain
Annual cost of pain is $600B(more than heart disease $309B and cancer $243B combined)
25% of opioids are prescribed for low back pain
FDA, NIH, CDC all recommend non-opioid and non-pharmacological treatment
A baby is born every 25 min addicted to opioids (costs $50k per baby to rehab and $1.5B/year in healthcare spending)
Nearly 80% of Americans using heroin started with a legal opioid prescription
Life expectancy has declined 3 years in a row for first time in 100 years and many attribute this to opioid use.
$4.1B spent by Medicare in 2016 for opioids alone ($2800/person)
30% of kids in foster care are there because of opioids.
From 1999 to 2014 more than 165,000 people died in the U.S. from prescription opioid overdoses.
Chiropractic offers a safer strategy for pain.
Chiropractors offer first-line treatment for pain to avoid Opiate prescribing.
Chiropractic involves no drugs or surgery
Chiropractic prevents introduction of drugs
Yes we live in a fallen world, but as the light of dawn shines through the mist and disperses the darkness, so too many have found hope and relief through Chiropractic. Through regular adjustments the body naturally heals itself from the inside out.

As we approach this month of Thankfulness, let us learn to be content, and yet continue to hunger for righteousness, staying sharp and looking for new opportunities every day to be a blessing. For those trapped in hopelessness and drug abuse – let them know that they can find hope and freedom naturally through Chiropractic. Come into our office today and let us help you find hope with a strong, healthy spine for life from the inside out.

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