What Is Chiropractic Torque Release Technique?

Here at Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins, we practice a special chiropractic technique called Torque Release. There is only one chiropractor in all of Northern Colorado using this technique — and it’s our own Dr. Chad McMahan, D.C.! In today’s blog, we’re taking some time to look into the specifics of this unique chiropractic spinal analysis and adjusting method. You can also read FAQs about Torque Release Technique chiropractic here.

Continue reading to learn more in-depth information about the chiropractic torque release technique, and contact one of our Fort Collins chiropractors today to schedule an adjustment!

Chiropractic Care for the 21st Century

Humans have been massaging, stretching, and cracking for as long as we’ve had back pain! But luckily we live in a time where accumulated knowledge and research allows us to work in a more precise, specific, and effective way.

Torque Release Technique adjustment uses a specialized chiropractic tool, called the Integrator, that allows for adjustments to be made in a very focused way. Essentially, the Integrator delivers the exact amount of force exactly where it is needed.

Torque Release Technique is also a way to deliver chiropractic care to a relaxed spine, whereas a traditional adjustment requires the spine to be stretched into tension and then manually adjusted, making the cracking or popping sound typically associated with chiropractic. Torque Release Technique is a gentle, yet effective, way to strategically adjust the areas of your spinal cord that need help.

Our Fort Collins chiropractors believe we should always be using best practices, and that includes using chiropractic devices like the Integrator and new, 21st century techniques like Torque Release Technique. We’re proud to be able to offer our Northern Colorado community this innovative, safe, and effective chiropractic care. Contact us today to get started.

Emotions And The Central Nervous System

We’ve all felt how our back and shoulders tighten during times of stress. Or how when we neglect or ignore our emotions, our back can start to ache. Humans are emotional creatures — and we store a lot of that feeling in our body, particularly our central nervous system.

All of us store stress differently, but the most common areas are in the neck, back, stomach, and hips. When clients come to one of our chiropractors, they are looking for pain relief. But occasionally, when we start to adjust your spine, it can release some bottled-up feelings. Usually they are positive ones — like a release of stress or tension. But sometimes they can also bring you back to the memory or event that caused tension to build up in the first place.

Here at Revelation Chiropractic, we truly believe that the health of your nervous system affects every single part of your life. And we know that getting to the root of dysfunction through regular adjustments using our Torque Release Technique is the best way to start finding better balance and alignment.

Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins

Our Fort Collins team of chiropractors knows that chiropractic adjustments can change lives — we’ve seen it happen. We are proud to offer high-tech Torque Release Technique adjustments, and if you’d like to learn more, we’re happy to talk with you!

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, spinal pain, or other central nervous pain, our chiropractors can help. Contact us today and ask about our new patient special.

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