Should Your Children Be Checked?

Who could be more important to you as a parent than your child and their health? How does chiropractic care factor in?

Did you know the 1st subluxation (interference in the flow of life from your brain down the spinal cord, and out to every muscle, cell, and organ) causing trauma your child encounters is at birth?
Did you know children fall down an average of 1500 times while learning to walk?
Did you know that Chiropractors can identify and correct scoliosis in children?
Did you know that Subluxation can be the cause of an ear infection?
Did you know that the immune system can be boosted by getting adjusted?
Did you know that a child’s adjustment is different from that of an adult?
Here at Revelation Chiropractic, we make it a point to check all our families’ children, either when we meet them or upon birth.

Chiropractic is not designed to make you instantly feel better

Our bodies are made to grow and heal from within. Subluxations can rob the body of its basic communication system that allows us to function at 100%. Our nervous systems allow us to breathe, regulate core temperature, walk, talk, you name it. Most importantly for your child, the nervous system controls the immune system!

Our check-ups are easy, take little time, and depending on age and trauma history may not even require x-rays!

Just so you know, if your child requires chiropractic care, children’s adjustments are much different than an adult’s. They are lighter and take less time. If subluxations are identified in your child’s spine, they usually take less time to correct than those found in adults. This is due to the amount of time the subluxations are present.

Is there an age, size, gender, color or financial limit for excellent health? I don’t think so. In fact, Health is a God Given Birthright. You were born with it!

It’s great to know that at birth we’re all the same. All parts working right; there are no poor eating habits due to financial concerns (hopefully the mother is breastfeeding); and if love and family warmth are provided, the environment is no barrier or restriction. This is the way it should always be…but it’s not. Let me take you through a quick life……………….

A child is born; they are held improperly; diapered harshly; thrown in the air for laughs; spanked as they get older; tumble and fall; find their way through the harshness of peer pressure in early grade school; fend for themselves with siblings; struggle through middle and high school; have an accident or injury here and there; keep their sanity in the workplace; attempt a good marriage; have their own kids; find peace in the craziness called “mid-life”; get on and off one diet or another; get tired of more and more of the same; resort to mood altering prescription drugs; hold onto any organs they have left; attempt to relax as they go through the golden year, etc. etc….. Is it any wonder we lost health as early as the first experience leaving the hospital. The search for health is never-ending. A decision on finding it is what’s difficult. But, these decisions must be made and made with whatever education you bring into the decision making. Who needs chiropractic care?

Children Do
They are innocent bystanders. Choices are made for them by their parents and elders. Their entire life is set within their early years. Habits are established and proper choices are given an early run. They need chiropractic care the most. Subluxation, at this point, are easier to reduce and manage, and proper lifestyle habits can be taught at an early age. Their spines deserve to be regularly checked and corrections made at its earliest time. Family Care is Loving Care… Shared Care. Have you brought your family in for a check-up? …. If not, why not!!!

Teenagers Do
Teenagers have now established lifestyle habits for better or worse. Their spines have molded to where it intends to be, and soon it will lock in the misalignments along with the chronicity of subluxations. This is a perfect time to establish the integrity of the spinal column and the adjoining soft tissue elements.

A referral by you is a gift someone can never repay. I’ve seen many lives change, as well as, their health … only because someone took the time to refer them to a chiropractic office. Won’t you consider doing this as well? They deserve it.

Everyone Deserves Chiropractic Care! Enjoy Spring!

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