The Benefits of Torque Release Technique

What is the Torque Release Technique?
When you think of a chiropractor adjusting your spine, what springs to mind? Maybe some anxiety-inducing twisting? Some loud popping from positions that look extremely uncomfortable? If this has been your experience with chiropractors in the past (or you’d like to continue avoiding this procedure but still want the benefits of chiropractic adjustment) then the torque release technique from Revelation Chiropractic is just what you’ve been looking for. The process is a gentle, pain-relieving adjustment that offers all of the benefits of popularized media portrayals of chiropractic adjustment without the pops, cracks, and manipulation positions. If you’re curious about how torque release can work for you, keep reading to learn more.

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How The Torque Release Technique Works
A far cry from manual manipulation, the torque release technique offers a safe, gentle adjustment without the need for contorting your body into uncomfortable positions. In fact, torque release involves using a small, handheld instrument called an Integrator to perform often-unfelt spinal adjustments. The Integrator somewhat resembles a mini pogo stick, with soft grips that allow Dr. Chad to deliver precise adjustment to your spinal column.

While it may not feel like much is happening during your torque release adjustment, the gentle pressure and short bursts of thrust (delivered at 1/10,000th of a second) allow your body’s nervous system to receive new, corrective information. Then, your body accepts and integrates this new information (subluxation correction) and delivers it throughout your spinal column. For some, they may not feel any different for a few hours or days; this is all dependent upon how your body responds to the torque release. For others, relief is felt immediately or shortly after your appointment with Dr. Chad. No matter whether you feel immediate relief or not, you can rest assured that your body will continue realigning these subluxations and correcting itself long after you’ve left our chiropractic office.

Special Torque Release Characteristics
First, the torque release technique delivers precise adjustment without the need for manually manipulating the body; the Integrator allows Dr. Chad the advantage of pinpointing exact points of pain and correcting them. The specificity of this adjustment is one of its most impressive features. Through gentle force, energy frequency, speed, and thrust, the Integrator gets to the pain effortlessly and painlessly. And, although the thrusts (that sound similar to a staple gun) are quick, they deliver no pain and are often unfelt. This procedure has proven to effective time and time again, offering patients a safe, corrective alternative to manual manipulation. Both the procedure and Integrator are recognized by the US FDA 510k certification, with the torque release being the only FDA-approved chiropractic method. If you’re concerned that manual chiropractic adjustment isn’t right for you, or you’re looking for a gentler, more precise chiropractic adjustment method, then our torque release method may be right for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Revelation Chiropractic today to learn more about our chiropractic services or to schedule your first appointment.

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