Our Massage Therapy Services

Why Massage Therapy?

If you’ve come to this page for chiropractic services, you might be scratching your head as to why we offer a variety of massage therapy services to our patients. While principled chiropractic is our primary focus, we’re proud to offer our patients quality massage therapy services that help them manage and treat their various pains. And, if you’re thinking that massages are only for temporary relief or a momentary relaxation escape, we’d like to offer you more insight into how various massage techniques can promote not only temporary pain relief, but lasting and improved sensations across your pained area(s). Curious about what all the massage therapy services offered by Revelation Chiropractic can offer you? Read on to learn more.

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Swedish Massage

Even those who may not be familiar with the different types of massage therapy may be familiar with Swedish massage. Arguably the most prominent type of massage therapy offered across the States, Swedish massage utilizes long, smooth strokes across aching muscles. Your massage therapist will gently knead and implement circular movements atop muscles using either lotion or oil to reduce friction and provide a relaxing aromatic environment. If you’re new to the world of massage therapy or are looking for a relaxing and effective massage therapy technique to assist with chronic or episodic pain, then Swedish massage is an excellent starting point.

Deep Tissue

Many of us have pains that are locked away, deep inside our aching muscles. These pains could be the accumulation of years of poor posture, a traumatic event, or simply less-than-ideal lifestyle habits. However they got there, those pains need to be treated to allow for improved quality of life. For these pains, we offer our deep tissue massage services. This massage therapy approach targets the muscles and connective tissues that lie deeper in our bodies. While Swedish massage utilizes long strokes, deep tissue massage employs slow, friction-reliant strokes to reach those deep pains. This massage therapy technique is an excellent choice for those who experience chronic pain from tight muscles, repetitive strain, poor posture, or injury recovery.

Body Insight Method

Designed by Gary Salinger at Healing Arts Institute, the Body Insight method involves the patient taking deep breaths and performing restricted movement while the massage therapist employs pressure to the restricted area. This approach is a corrective bodywork technique that helps “unglue” muscles that have become tense or rigid. Moreover, this massage therapy technique decreases tension and pain to provide more efficient movement, ultimately balancing the body.

Best for Your Condition

While deep tissue massage is a great method to employ for tight, stubborn muscles, not all patients require such an approach. If you feel your back pain could benefit from either Swedish massage or Salinger’s Body Insight approach, then reach out to us today to schedule your next massage therapy appointment or to learn more about the myriad of benefits that massage therapy can bring to you. Take back control of your well being with massage therapy.

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