What Is Reflexology?

Beyond Chiropractic

For a number of our patients, reflexology brings pain relief that they haven’t experienced with other methods. For some, traditional massage brings immediate and lasting pain relief. However, some of our patients find that, when coupled, massage therapy and reflexology offer the relief they’ve been seeking for some time. That said, reflexology on its own is a powerful tool for combating generalized pain, boosting circulation, and stimulating the central nervous system. In short, reflexology can help restore your body to its unstressed state while helping maintain optimal circulation. But, what exactly is reflexology? Read on to learn more.

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Ins and Outs of Reflexology

The body has many reflex areas. Many of these reflex areas are located in the hands and feet, which correspond to the body’s glands, organs, and other parts of the body. What makes reflexology so distinct, though, is its approach to providing pain relief via these reflex areas; reflexology utilizes the thumb and fingers in reflex areas to promote healing and to bring about pain relief. This relief is brought about by stimulation of the area’s blood supply and the body’s nerves, resulting in relieved tension in connected parts of the body. Reflexology benefits, but is not limited to:
– Pain relief/alleviation
– Improved circulation
– Decrease in depression
– Nervous system stimulation
– Relaxation promotion

Beyond Just Feeling Good

If there’s one simple truth to reflexology, it’s that recipients often report immediate relaxation and decreased stress. But reflexology is much more than just promoting relaxation; our trained and licensed reflexologist, Chelsea Toon, not only understands the “feel good” aspects of reflexology but also how to implement certain techniques for your unique condition. Let’s say you suffer from sinus problems. Reflexology methods that concentrate on each of the ten toes provide sinus relief by stimulating these toes to improve circulation and to promote drainage. However, while reflexology provides relief, it cannot cure a diagnosed illness. Rather, it is an excellent accompaniment to medical treatment.

But for those who don’t have a medical condition and are looking to treat certain pained areas, reflexology offers one of the best alternatives to medication. Often, we see clients who’ve suffered for weeks, months, or years from headaches and migraines. While these painful conditions have underlying causes that vary from person to person, reflexology works wonders for lessening their pain and providing much-needed relief. Specifically, applying firm pressure and movement to a number of spots on the feet targets pained areas in the head, making reflexology one of the more enjoyable treatments for chronic or episodic headaches.

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Dr. Chad understands that, while principled chiropractic is his specialty, reflexology and massage therapy are important and beneficial approaches to treating bodily pain — without the need for medications, many of which come with a litany of side effects. If you’re ready to experience the many pain-relieving benefits of reflexology, reach out to us today to learn more or to schedule your first appointment with the team here at Revelation Chiropractic.

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