What are the Main Functions of the Nervous System in Wellington, CO & What Causes it to Go into Overdrive?

Our body’s nervous system is the control, regulator and the communication instrument for the rest of the other body systems. Needless to say, the nervous system is very important. The nervous system runs from the brain all the way down through the spine. The nervous system can become interrupted, which leads to pain, numbness and more. Revelation Chiropractic would like to bring more understanding about our body’s nervous system, the role it plays, and when it is in trouble.

Function of Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Parts of Nervous System

The nervous system, or also referred to as the autonomic or the involuntary nervous system, can be divided into two major parts. There is the parasympathetic and the sympathetic. The parasympathetic is the part of the nervous system that tells the body to remain calm, take it easy and just relax when necessary. The sympathetic is the brain’s fight or flight signal that helps protect and alert you from danger. Both are very important for human survival. It is important that the body maintain a perfect balance. If the nervous system gets stuck on the parasympathetic, you will often feel a lack of interest and fatigue. If the nervous system is stuck on its sympathetic mode, you may feel constant anxiety, have headaches, experience irritability and your immune system can become too lowered. It is most common for people to develop nervous system problems that cause them to get stuck on their sympathetic mode.

What Causes the Sympathetic Nervous System to Go into Overdrive?

The nervous system will often get stuck in its sympathetic mode when a person undergoes recent trauma and a major buildup of toxins. Trauma can include psychical as well as mental trauma. Some of the common food we eat can lead to an unnatural buildup of toxins in our body as well as chemical exposure. As the body does try to eliminate the toxins that have built up within our body, depending on the person’s environmental exposure, diet and stress levels, the body cannot flush these toxins out fast enough. In turn, this will cause “sympathetic overdrive”. When a person develops sympathetic overdrive within their nervous system, the body will need some help. A chiropractic treatment can help bring balance to your body’s nervous system and bring your body closer to its parasympathetic state. The chiropractor will locate the site of the stored tension within your body and more particularly in your neck, back and shoulders. By releasing the tension, it can help relax the nervous system. Often when a person is injured playing a sport, working out, or has been in an accident, the body will become out of alignment. Even when you have a good diet and are not facing much stress, the body misalignment is a major problem. The body will require realignment to restore the balance of the nervous system. Often those with a poor diet or those who have had mental or physical trauma often need to see a chiropractor.

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If you feel like your nervous system is not in proper balance, it time to see the chiropractor. They can help restore your nervous system and improve your quality of life. For quality chiropractor services, contact Revelation Chiropractic today.

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