What Conditions Can a Chiropractor Treat in Loveland, CO? Back, Neck & Sport Injuries & More

There are many different types of injuries and health problems that can lead to pain that can be debilitating. When you are living with chronic pain, most people will be looking for any answer to get rid of it. There are many ways that a chiropractor can be that answer. There are common conditions that leave people in pain, that a chiropractor can help eliminate or drastically improve. Revelation Chiropractic is here to talk about some of the most common conditions that a chiropractor can help treat to improve the overall quality of life.

Back Injuries

There is a large number of people that suffer from back injuries in their lifetime, more specifically lower back pain. It just so happens that chiropractors are specialists when lower back pain is present. For the most part, people that suffer from back pain don’t get any clear answers as to why their back is hurting. There are several different tissues that come into play when back pain is concerned. This makes it difficult for doctors who aren’t specifically trained in back pain to properly care for it. Patients often end up spending thousands in treatment options that don’t do any good. Chiropractors have specialized treatment that can help them concentrate on the areas that are causing pain so that they can adjust the body to help reduce the pain that is being felt.

Neck Injuries

Problems with the neck is also a common problem that people suffer from. Between bad posture and the many pain sensitive areas, the neck is extremely susceptible to injury. Neck problems can be miserable to deal with. Chiropractors can work to adjust and stretch the neck to eliminate the pain that you’re feeling. They will be able to help you strengthen your neck and get it back on track so that you’re feeling better in no time.

Sports Injuries

There is no way around it, when you are involved in sports, there are bound to be injuries that happen. Most of the injuries that occur while playing sports deal with soft tissues. Every now and then there might be a broken bone, but that isn’t usually the case. When athletes experience an injury, they usually need treatment right away so that they can get back in their sport as soon as possible. There are several underlying issues that might make athletes more prone to injury. Chiropractors work to treat those underlying problems that might include:
– Muscular imbalances
– Improper technique
– Bio mechanical deficiencies
– Improper conditioning

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