What Does a Misaligned Spine Feel Like in Severance, CO? Stiff Neck, Numb Hands & More

Spinal misalignment is a common problem that many people live with. When a spine becomes misaligned, it is usually a slow process unless you have been injured. Since most spinal misalignments occur slowly, most people become accustomed to the discomfort and pain. However, you do not have to live every day with pain due to spinal misalignment. With chiropractic therapy you can realign your spine and get rid of your pain. The first step is knowing your spine is out of alignment. Revelation Chiropractic will share some of the common signs or symptoms of spinal misalignment.

Why Does My Back & Joints Hurt and I have a Headache?

If you suffer from back pain, joint pain and headaches, most likely your C1 and C2 vertebrae are misaligned. Even a slight misalignment of the C1 or the C2 can cause headaches and migraines as well as pain throughout the body. The C1 through the C7 is basically the neck and the upper part of the spine which will influence the rest of the spine and body. However, it is important to know the difference between spinal misalignment, and a herniated disc, a degenerative disc and other spinal problems. Most often your doctor will want to have X-rays of your spine taken. If the X-rays reveal that you have a misalignment, it can be corrected with chiropractic therapy.

Heel Wear in Your Shoes are Uneven

Another common sign that your spine is out of alignment can be seen in your shoes. When the spine is out of alignment it will also cause the pelvis to be misaligned. The hips do not sit properly which will in turn cause the feet to strike the ground unevenly. Over time it can cause the heels of the shoes to wear out faster than the rest of the shoe. If you notice the heels of your shoes are much more worn out than the rest of the shoe, consider getting your spine checked and possibly realigned.

Stiff Neck, Back & Joints
When you find that your neck, back, hips and other joints tend to feel stiff and are not easy to move or turn, this is sign that the cervical spine is out of alignment. However, a misalignment in the cervical spine not only affects the bone and nervous system, but it also affects the muscles as well. The misalignment often causes pain which causes the muscles to tighten up and never relax. Eventually the muscles will become so tight you lose your range of motion. To help give your muscles the relief they need, you will need to have your cervical spine realigned.

Hands & Feet are Numb & Tingly

Whenever there is a misalignment anywhere in the spine, it can result in a tingling or numbing sensation often in the hands and feet. Due to a spinal misalignment, often nerves can become pinched. When you have a pinched nerve it can cause a lot of pain as well as that tingling and numbing sensation. The numbness and tingling will not stop until the nerve is released.

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You do not have to live with the symptoms and pain of spinal misalignment. Come on down to Revelation Chiropractic and get proper spinal alignment treatments today.

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